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Hook Loader Truck Technical Parameters

Hook Loader Truck Technical Parameters

Jun 09, 2020

Bins size 12cbm hook loader is our new developed hook loader truck which also called Roll-Off or Hook Lift Trucks and CSC is the manufacturer of hook loader truck and supplying containers size from 4CBM to 12CBM.

Hook Loader Skips Trucks Information

The vehicle is applicable for carrying & loading rubbish or garbage mostly, moreover, adequate for transporting sands, lime, stones soil various kind of construction material in bulk, and is available used to carry coal and ore in mines or diggings. Besides, the vehicle is widely applied in Environmental Sanitation, Town Planning, Enterprise, Property Residential quarter, cells where garbage are massed.

Hook Lift Truck Specification

Garbage container could be lifted on/off and motive repeated within 80 second periodically. Advantaged in separated garbage tank and vehicle body designing that ensures implement work of one vehicle with multi-garbage tanks associated works. Furthermore, cycle-transportation enhanced vehicle freight capacity effectively which are widely applicable for short-way transportation by environment-sanitation department.

Swaploader Hooklift Brochure