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How Compactor Garbage Truck Manufacturing

How Compactor Garbage Truck Manufacturing

Oct 19, 2019

Compactor Garbage Truck Manufacturers in China

The well designed compactor garbage truck featured at fully-sealed structure to eliminate the secondary pollution, automatic and manual two separate operating systems, using advanced electronic control system, simple and easy operation control.

As a high-tech company special truck enterprise which had been listed into catalogue of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. CSCTRUCK which consists of research, manufacture as well as sales, established in 1983 as a hi-tech public company based upon the principle of customer satisfaction and build all its structure upon the concept. And fabricating best valued compactor garbage truck manufacturer in China for oversea market and domestic market. Rely on its unique designed fabrication process and a innovative technical team, the company has shared a huge scare of special truck manufacture, plant equipped with modern technology and equipment keeps its targets like technology, creativity and quality understanding at a higher level.

We are much sure that there should be one truck that you will be interested in from our website, because that’s really good ones and more choice on us, the only thing you need to do is just write the quote form in the web then check the “submit” meanwhile a factory tour carried by you and guides by us would be a better discovery for us to you.

CSCTRUCK got great orders and shared a large scale of compactor garbage truck domestic and oversea market share with its market leading price, guaranteed 100% top quality, well unique designed structures. CSCTRUCK compactor garbage truck sales and service contact (factory direct price no dealer marked up) contact Mr. Tony Wong mobile no.13647298000 office hotline 0086 722 359 1500 online contacts Skype: klein-ahr, Sanitation trucks official certification website , factory tour route of “Buyer’s Field –plane– Shanghai –plane–Wuhan –car pick up–Suizhou –car drop off –Shanghai –plane–Buyer’s Field” send email to getting truck information and factory tour directions.