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How our Van Truck Classified

How our Van Truck Classified

Jul 03, 2020

How our Van Truck Classificated

Van truck called van, mainly for the transport of goods sealed, special types of vans can transport hazardous materials. With a flexible, easy to operate, efficient, transportation capacity, full use of space and security, and reliable.


Van Truck Chassis Mounted Brand:


Classification by Application

1.Refrigerated Truck: Transporting Perishables.

Beverage Refrigerated Truck

Our refrigerated trucks include a refrigeration unit on the cargo area for climate control. Also known as reefers, these trucks maintain specific climates for temperature-sensitive loads. Browse our inventory by vehicle type, find well-maintained Refrigerated Trucks. Comprehensive vehicle specification detailed literature available.

2. Box Trucks & Cube Vans: Delivering food, flowers, lumber, or running a moving company

Box Trucks & Cube Vans

Also known as a box van, cube van, bob truck or cube truck—is a chassis cab truck with an enclosed cuboid-shaped cargo area. On most box trucks, the cabin is separate to the cargo area, however some box trucks have a door between the cabin and the cargo area.

3.Mobile Workshop: Take the tools and equipment with you! 

Cargo Truck Fitted Mobile Workshop

The mobile workshop build based on a delivery van, with equipment inside according to customer requirement.


4. Mobile Stage Truck: used for Big concert event show

Mobile Stage Truck

It includes a roof/canopy, hydraulic stage and end panels that fully open. The main materials are iron steel and Aluminum sheet. With hydraulic devices, the top of stage vehicle can be lifted high and sides spread out.


5. Mobile LED Truck: the advertising solution you're seeking

FOTON Mobile LED Advertising Truck

Truck Vehicles with LED Video Screen, Check out how Led Truck can help you revolutionize the marketplace with our mobile billboards.