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How Prolong the Garbage Truck Service Life

How Prolong the Garbage Truck Service Life

Nov 06, 2019

Tip One: avoid dirty

Garbage truck accessories: fuel filters, air filters, oil filters, hydraulic oil filter and various filters and other parts if too dirty, it will lead to deterioration of filtration effect. Tank heat sink, air-cooled engine cylinder block and cylinder head heat sink, cooler heat sink garbage truck parts too dirty, it will decrease the cooling efficiency, the temperature is too high.

Tip two: avoid heat

Garbage truck engine piston temperature is too high, easily lead to overheating occurs Shaorong holding tank; rubber seal, triangle belt, tires overheating, easy to premature aging, performance degradation and shorten life; generators, regulators and other equipment in the coil Overheating, easily burned and abandoned.

Tip three: anti-avoidance

Garbage truck engine cylinder pad in the installation can not hold against, otherwise it will lead to premature erosion damage to the cylinder pad; engine fan blades installed can not be reversed; the chevron tread tires, installed on the ground prints should make the word after point to point Department.

Tip four: avoid missing

Garbage truck engine air lock pieces, should be installed in pairs, such as missing equipment or missing will result in loss of control and crashed piston valve and other components; engine connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, transmission shaft bolts installed cotter pin, locking screw, insurance Films or other locking device spring washer, once the drain installed in the use will likely result in serious malfunction; garbage truck when the engine is used to lubricate the gear room, once the leakage of gear oil nozzles installed, can cause serious leakage where Oil.

Tip five: avoid oil

Dry garbage truck engine air filter paper filter, such as stained with oil, easy to make a higher concentration of gas inhalation mixture inside the cylinder, the air is insufficient, increase fuel consumption, engine power down; if the tape coated with triangular Oil, will accelerate the corrosion of aging; brake shoe, friction plate dry clutch, brake and other stained with oil, would threaten road safety. The corrosion of oil tire rubber is very sensitive, in contact with oil will soften rubber garbage truck accessories, or peeling.