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How To Be Qualified Driver For CSC Dump Truck

How To Be Qualified Driver For CSC Dump Truck

Mar 14, 2020

Entering the World of CSC Dump Truck Driving

It's dirty. It's rough. That's how dumper driving is usually described. But there is more to these statements than we commonly understand. How does a career spent mainly off-road still gain massive appeal to some people? The saying, where the highway stops is where you will start; best describes the life of a tip truck driver. Yes, it's dirty and it's rough. It can be tough too.

How to Become a CSC Dumper Driver

Start with smaller trucks categorized as LR and MR, gain experience, driving skills and maintain a clean driving record. From there, work your way up. When you are ready for tipper jobs, obtain a Heavy Rigid license. This particular license means you are capable of driving the largest trucks, those with 3 or more axles.

Learning How to Drive a CSC dumper truck

It is not enough that you know how to drive MR-type trucks (or less). What companies generally require is a substantial amount of experience driving HR-type trucks. This is where driving school comes in. Since the best way to learn how to drive a tipper is to actually drive one, Right way Driving recommends getting real CSC tipper driving experience. Right way teach beginners as well as seasoned drivers how to handle tippers and prepare them for future employment.

Each driver requires a unique training program. Right way Driving offers training that is specifically designed for your particular skills and driving experience. So whether it is your first time driving a dumper or you require a refresher course, they have what you need.

How to Obtain CSC dumper Heavy Rigid License

To obtain a heavy rigid license, you must hold an open or provisional C Class license for at least 2 years continuously or have held a LR or MR for 1 year continuously for HR. In addition, you must also pass a Heavy Vehicle written test with Queensland Transport, pay a test booking fee to Queensland Transport, pass a Queensland Transport practical driving test. You must also have prior experience driving a manual motor vehicle as a prerequisite to commencing driver training in heavy vehicles.

Types of Licenses for Heavy Rigid Vehicles

There are three types of licenses available for Heavy Rigid Vehicles.

Heavy Rigid Condition A automatic gearbox only

Heavy Rigid Condition B - automatic and synchromesh gearbox (similar to a manual transmission)

Heavy Rigid Unrestricted - all rigid vehicles and combination vehicles.

Right way recommends the HR Unrestricted. Although it takes more time to learn, requires coordination, and training costs are usually higher, HR unrestricted license holders are more employable in the job market than other drivers with different license restrictions.


Getting Hired

Because most companies require applicants to have at least 1 year experience in the same type of job, beginners are not usually hired. To increase their chances of employment, they enrol at a driving school where they learn everything they need to know once they are out in the field. Contact local trucking companies, search online, and learn what type of employment is available for you. Get the right training program which will assist you to land future employment.