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How to Buy Dump Truck

How to Buy Dump Truck

Nov 07, 2019

How to Buy Dump Truck

Dump truck with the development and improvement of domestic purchasing power, dump truck is not in the traditional sense of what life can be dry universal truck, from the design point of view but also according to different goods, different conditions, different regions developed different products. This requires the user to purchase dump truck to the manufacturer for specific use. Mainly by the hydraulic dump truck bodies, cars, trailers and accessories form.

 Rear Dump Truck 1


In the choice of chassis, generally is based on economic benefits to consider, such as: the price of the chassis, loading quality, overload capacity, fuel consumption per hundred kilometers, road maintenance and so on. In addition, the user must also consider the following parameters of the chassis.

Height of the chassis frame on the plane. General 6x4 chassis frame height of the upper surface of 1050 to 1200. The higher the number the greater the vehicle center of gravity, the more easily cause an overturn.

Chassis rear overhang. The number of dump trucks move through the General Assembly, growth stability, give students a rollover accident caused. This value is generally between 500-1100 (except dump truck roll).

Vehicle matching rational use and reliable.

 Rear Dump Truck 2


Currently converted dump truck manufacturers was mixed, select the dump truck manufacturers over the selection of choice products are equally important. In addition to looking products, but also understand the capabilities of equipment manufacturers, dump truck tops the design, technology and equipment is mature, service commitments, it can buy other accessories.

 Rear Dump Truck 3


Truck body type junction can be divided roughly according to different uses: ordinary rectangular compartments, and mining bucket car.

Ordinary rectangular compartments for bulk cargo transportation. Then board equipped with automatic opening and closing agencies, to ensure smooth unloading of goods. Thickness as ordinary rectangular compartments: the front panel 4 to 6, side panels 4 to 8, after the board 5 to 8, the bottom 6 to 12.

Mine is inside the bucket for large stones and other large size cargo. Taking into account the impact of goods and touch buildings, the design of mining bucket car more complex shapes, thicker materials.

 Rear Dump Truck 4


Dump truck lifting mechanism is the core of the dump truck judge the merits of the primary indicators.

Lifting mechanism of the type currently common are:

F-type lifting mechanism to enlarge tripod

T-style tripod zoom lifting mechanism, lift cylinder, front roof lift and double roll.