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How to buy fuel tanker from china

How to buy fuel tanker from china

Nov 01, 2019

How to buy fuel tanker from china ?

The fuel tanker dedicated functional description of the tank material: carbon steel fuel tanker, stainless steel fuel tanker, aluminum alloy fuel tanker, pure aluminum fuel tanker can be used as needed, lined with rubber and rotational molding, plastic containers, glass, steel cans.


Pot: a radius type, an oval, circular pump: self-priming pump, gear pumps, chemical pumps, stainless steel pumps, centrifugal pumps, heavy oil pump. Oil table: a single count of double counting, Fiscal fuel tanker Tanker breathing valve: in order to ensure the working process of the tanker truck, tank pressure and atmospheric pressure in the tank cover installation that breathing valve, when the tank oil expands when heated or when the tank fuel pump to the tank within the oil level rise, the pressure increases, breathing valve when the tank pressure is higher than the external pressure 8KPA valves open; pump out the discharge of oil or oil by cold shrink the oil level dropped, the pressure is reduced, when the tank pressure is lower than outside pressure 3KPA, breathing valve, the valves open. Functions: independent sub-positions of oil, chemicals, food, 03:00 am. Designed to pump into the pump out over the table, pump into the pump out of the table, however, gravity over the table, but table function. fuel tanker, also known as mobile refueling vehicle computer Fiscal refueling vehicles, trucks, loaded oil tanker, tanker, pull the oil tanker, oil truck, edible oil truck is mainly used for oil derivatives (gasoline, such as diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil, and coal tar oil), transport and storage.


There are a variety of fuel or transport oil, with oil-absorbing, depending on the purpose and use of the environment, pump oil, a variety of oil equipment, for storing function C, such as tanker constitute the tanker by the Special Purpose Vehicle chassis and upload part, tops in part by the tanks, power take off shaft, gear pumps, pipe network system and other components. The pipe network system consists of pumps, three four ball valves, two-way ball valves, filters, pipes.


Tanker tank structure tank structure for the elliptic cylindrical or trapezoidal surface for cylinder, made of high quality steel plate, the entire tank points to a single position or multiple positions, positions can be divided into rooms through-hole in the middle partition the bottom of each intermediate position welding took part in the warehouse or more positions can be divided into rooms, warehouses, through-hole in the middle partition the bottom, took part in every position in the middle of welding positions to strengthen the wave partition, in order to reduce the impact of the car line to suck the tank body oil and tank rigidity.