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How to Buy Good Garbage Compactor Truck

How to Buy Good Garbage Compactor Truck

Nov 07, 2019

How to Buy Good Garbage Compactor Truck?

Garbage compactor truck for the sealed type, and compression in the process of sewage directly into the sewage compartment, completely solve the secondary pollution in the waste during transportation, compression garbage truck garbage collection, efficient, with automatic repeated compression and peristaltic compression function, compression ratio, load volume, automation, sealing good.

So how do you buy a good Garbage compactor truck?

l  Choose the strength of manufacturers garbage truck as a tool for vehicle usage is high, so the service is very important. Since most users on the use and maintenance is not very familiar with the after-sales service which manufacturers need to be in place to help users improve the attendance of the car and extend the life of the car. Manufacturer of the strength of the wrecker operating device can be independently developed, and patented, some small plants can only be free to imitation, but I do not know the performance of this body can not grasp the key technologies. The strength of the manufacturers in the production process specifications, to avoid manufacturing defects. Follow-up technical development capabilities is key, many users will demand for their own clean-up operations annex to buy used, which requires manufacturers to have the subsequent development of the ability, so the user must choose the strength of manufacturers

l  Clean up the operating environment to determine the garbage compactor trucks type.

Different environment for clean-up operations on the configuration requirements are not the same. The same configuration of waste disposal and transport, refuse collection vehicles should be different, and hanging bucket linkage of the chains and hydraulic cylinders, bucket elevator and flip the garbage, the garbage will be many garbage bucket automatically income compartment, and one-time dump to destination. with fully sealed, self-loading dump function, hydraulically operated. Trash applicable national standard: drum, plastic barrel, and large supply of garbage hanging barrels. The characteristics of the swing arm is the trash and separate body, the joint use of a car and trash, recycling transport. Cargo compartment of a square and boat-shaped, square for the Pit, the boat placed in the ground to fully enhance the transport capacity of the vehicle, especially for the sanitation sector in public places, streets, garbage clean-up, in order not to make the buoyant cargo loaded falling in the transport, the arm can be designed to fulfill the closed structure. Arm of the garbage bucket hanging hanging the arm work once the cycle time: 60S, different performance of different configurations. Note that the model on the announcement.

l  State vehicles of the management 3C compulsory certification and environmental reporting management system</strong>, some provinces and cities, local environmental reporting. If a particular model is not through the above procedure, then the car can not be put into use, vehicle management accreditation matters relating to the car will not be accepted. Determine the size, according to the clean-up number.

Compression garbage truck from the side - 12 cubic different specifications of the garbage truck size can be selected according to the clean-up operation volume.