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How to Choose High-Quality Water Sprinkler

How to Choose High-Quality Water Sprinkler

Nov 08, 2019

How to Choose High-Quality Water Sprinkler

Buy Sprinkler truck as like buying clothes, it is necessary to fit but also beautiful and inexpensive. Therefore, the acquisition of a good sprinkler is tricky. In order to buy a good and practical, cost-effective sprinkler truck. The following sprinkler teach you some buying tips:

First of all, you have to determine what you are going to buy sprinkler, of course, you buy a sprinkler according to the purpose and scope to determine if it is used for watering of green, you can choose Dongfeng Sundance Kid, Dongfeng jinba ,Dongfeng REALING sprinkler, large tonnage point if you want to also choose Dongfeng Dollicar, DF 140, DF 145, DF 153 sprinkler, sprinkler if it is to buy urban community in general will need to function in one set of sprinkler The sprinkler, fire sprinkler company we can meet this demand, it is convenient and affordable, practical and can meet all the needs of community work, fire sprinkler, compared with ordinary water truck, more than a high-pressure pump, which play The role of fire, which is used to determine the scope of the choice of what style of sprinkler.

The other is according to different purposes, different treatment needs to be done sprinkler, the need to purchase with the sales staff to communicate clearly, for example, if used to transport drinking water sprinklers, tanks domestic anticorrosion paint, if the sprinkler is do the spraying cars, tank trucks spraying antiseptic treatment to be done, the election charge plate and fight drugs. So when you buy sprinklers should be clear with the sales staff about its use, so that manufacturers can make a real use for their own sprinkler.

The basic configuration is equipped with sprinkler manufacturers are: pediment, sprinkle, side spray, with artillery, customers need to configure the shower, when the sprinkler in the purchase, these are the need to know.

Water truck chassis is optional, can be Dongfeng, liberation, Fukuda, JAC, Shaanxi Auto, Heavy Truck, Valin, and other famous companies producing chassis modifications. According to different customer requirements with the habit.

Sprinkler engine options: Guangxi Yuchai, Dongfeng Cummins Engine, Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., Kunming cloud power Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., Chengdu cloud Power Co., Ltd., Anhui Quanchai power and Jiangsu of power machinery, customers can choose their own trusted manufacturers.

Engine power options: be sure to choose the engine for their own use, a reasonable choice, not only convenient to use, but also cost savings.