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How to deal with semi-trailer wheel slip?

How to deal with semi-trailer wheel slip?

Jun 09, 2019

Generally, there are three main types of wheel slippage in a semi-trailer: first, the front wheel is slipping, and the vehicle speed is too fast when the road is bent or turned, and the road surface is too slippery. Followed by four rounds of slipping, the four wheels are locked and cannot be turned during the braking process. There is also the rear wheel slip to make the vehicle sway in the middle of the tail, which is the driver can not control.

So how do you deal with the slippage of semi-trailer wheels? First, the front wheel is slipped, that is, the steering wheel cannot be rotated, and the vehicle is directed straight ahead until it stops when an obstacle is hit. This is to remember that after the wheel is turned, the steering wheel can be rotated until it returns to normal, and the brakes are repeatedly applied to make the oil path work more effectively.

Secondly, when the four wheels are slipping, the driver will feel that the vehicle is rushing forward faster than usual. At this point, let the front wheel find the grip, then close the throttle, do not step on the brakes, tap the clutch, and all movements are as soft as possible. Let the vehicle drive slowly until the slippage disappears.

If you encounter the rear wheel slippage, when the rear half body is slipping, Xinxiang Junhua semi-trailer manufacturer recommends that everyone, regardless of the direction in which the vehicle slips, then hit the steering wheel in the direction of skidding and never brake, all The movement is done as gently as possible. The above is some countermeasures for the semi-trailer wheel slipping, I believe it will help everyone.