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How to Farther the Way of Dump Truck Industry

How to Farther the Way of Dump Truck Industry

Nov 08, 2020

In economy market, the dump truck industry, unplanned development, over-expansion and overcapacity led to intensified conflicts between supply and demand, peer-throat competition. Moderate excess capacity is conducive to the promotion and protection of competition, but if industry over-excess can only be a disaster, this is the basic law of market economy.

In May this year, Dongfeng first 20 wide-body giant no tyrants delivered to Users. Dongfeng Industrial Development Vehicles Co., Ltd. China announced that the dump truck in integrating advanced technologies, and draw Dongfeng Motor mature manufacturing process based on the research and development from, is the latest in mining vehicles, to fill the blank of Dongfeng mine transport vehicles.

Dump business is a buyer's market leading role; all depend on by the users.


usually used in engineering construction fields, used in severe conditions. Dora dump truck owners should not only goods vehicles, more money, but also sturdy and durable vehicles.

Chassis manufacturer and largest distributor in the depot to the modification orders, in addition to the price close to the critical point of the cost, but also not timely paid to tuning house payment.

Dump truck depot to change a good modification to the chassis plant or large car dealer, you can not got the money in time, to wait a month or two, in order to get a six-month Acceptance.

In fact, the dump truck depot modified after delivery will take at least 8 months before such repayment of loans, virtually tuner increased the cost of bank loans.

As the dump truck conversion is manual work, mainly manual, so modified dump truck depot in recent year widespread recruitment difficulties, keep people difficult questions. On firm size to have a further understanding of an enterprise in order to obtain beneficial to its own survival and development space, requires a certain scale. However, everything must have a degree, beyond this degree, just the pursuit of business expansion, will improve product quality, and enhance efficiency, cost control and other control difficult.