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How to Find Good Fire Fighting Truck Manufacturer

How to Find Good Fire Fighting Truck Manufacturer

Apr 30, 2020

How to Find Good Fire Fighting Truck Manufacturer ?

With the rapid development of China's economic construction, more and more high-rise buildings, large-scale petrochemical enterprises continue to emerge; the firefighting trucks put a higher demand. The following briefly describe the structure of foam fire engines.

1. Foam fire-fighting truck mechanism

Foam relative density, good flow ability, durability and resistance to burning strong, thermal conductivity is low, large adhesion force. These physical properties enable it to quickly cover the burning liquid, it can be isolated from flammable vapor, air, heat transfer , coupled with cooling effect, played a fighting role.

2. Truck Mounted Firefighting Tank Structure And Working Principle

Foam fire engine from the chassis and its part of the special unit with an upload. Domestic and foreign production of foam fire engine to use more vehicle manufacturers to provide the second-class General Motors chassis. Firefighting supplier, firefighting truck manufacturer, Their exclusive device includes PTO, water, and foam tank, equipment boxes, pumping stations, fire pumps, vacuum pump, foam proportioning device and fire guns and so on. Its working principle is: The device will power take chassis engine power output, and after a gear-driven fire pump, and through the fire pump, foam proportioning device will be a certain proportion of water and foam mixture, and then by fire artillery and foam fire extinguishing spray gun. Accordingly, I request chassis must meet a certain set of quality and engine power. Container requirement for firefighting truck Has developed a national standard, the chassis selected according to GB6244-86 fire engine GM chassis series, the type, the basic parameters and technical requirements of the national standard selection, based on industry standards GA39.5-92 foam fire engines general technical conditions. Appendix A selection of the engine's power requirements must meet the requirements of its provisions.

2.1 Power Output Device

Chinese-made foam fire engines to use more force to take the main vehicle engine means PTO layout can take many forms, and the present in the heavy-duty foam fire engines to use more force to take the main clutch and transmission are placed in sandwich between the PTO device (transmission, front-) and the shaft taking power (transmission, rear-mounted) two forms. Using sandwich-type power take out the main engine power transmitted through the transmission pump, drive pump operation, can achieve double-acting function. Currently they use this form.

2.2 Water - Foam Tank

Water - foam tank foam fire engines are mounted on the main fire extinguishing agent container, according to fire a variety of materials, development of the industry can use the system to do the eighties and nineties to use more glass fiber reinforced polyester material, is now gradually developed into high-quality carbon of steel materials and stainless steel materials.

2.3 Equipment Box

Multi-use equipment box welded steel frame structure, deposited within the entire aluminum plate or steel plate. In recent years, the equipment box structure of the internal layout can be divided into four categories: fixed split file type, namely, the separate files frame-fixed, non-adjustment; activities split file type, that is separated from the aluminum alloy produced within the framework of the auxiliary set pattern Aluminum, adjustable interval; sliding drawer type, that is making a push-pull drawer for easy access to the form of equipment, but the production of more complex; rotation posture will soon be made into the separate files rotating equipment, cut a small file, the import of foreign fire engines to use more of this type. The new model is currently made to use more integrated use of four forms, according to the actual structure and reasonable layout.

2.4 Firefighting Pump

Currently configured foam fire engine fire pumps can be divided into three categories: pressure pump (low-pressure pump), which is a single-stage centrifugal pump, such as BS30, BS60, BS40, R100 (imported), etc.; in the combination of low pressure fire pumps, multi-polar centrifugal pumps. If 20.10/20.40, 20.10/30.60, 20.10/35.70, KSP1000 (imported), etc.; high and low pressure pump, such as NH20.NH30 (imports), 40.10/6.30 and so on. Equipped with fire pumps in the home and post the minutes. Fire truck pics, used firefighting truck.

2.5 Fire Truck Pumping Station

Pumping station and equipment boxes, like many newly-frame for the whole welded structure, in addition to be placed outside the fire pump, generally also placed on the pumping equipment related to space for firefighters operate.

2.6 Foam Proportioning Device

Foam proportioning device is to draw air foam fire extinguishing system and foam solution delivery of major equipment, which can be mixed in proportion of water and foam, generally 3%, 6%, 9% three kinds of mixing ratio.

China 's current production of foam proportioner to 6% more than the foam liquid mixture mainly mixers are generally divided into PH32, PH48, PH64 three kinds of specifications. In recent years the introduction of production of high and low pressure pumps, low pressure pumps pump more air bubbles surround the proportion of mixing device, and pump design as a whole.