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How to Keep A Right Driving Habit

How to Keep A Right Driving Habit

Dec 05, 2019

Proper driving position, the driver can reduce fatigue, ease of use of vehicles of various driving control components and observe the instrument display and front and rear and the surrounding circumstances. No rules no standards, in a small cab drivers need the correct position.

The driving position should be standardized into the car from the moment began, the car seat according to height on the front and rear, up and down adjust to a suitable position, the steering wheel and the body is kept upright, the back light by the seat back, and fasten your seat belt. Every day we are such a time to complete action on the train, not knowing, naturally, had completed the first step to safe driving.

Hold the steering wheel correctly

If you recall the car had the case study, how many people can remember the coaches teach you to master is how to grip the steering wheel. This issue of safety operation of the steering wheel column to key points about the hope that friends are already out of the driving school to be reminded of driving experience of a friend not to be introduced.

We can put the steering wheel as a circular dial, the correct way to grip the steering wheel on the 9 o'clock position of left hand, right hand on the 3 o'clock position, the formation of such 9:15 or 10:10 position. Qingwo steering wheel with both hands, thumbs around the edge of the natural extension depends on the steering wheel, and the remaining four fingers hold the steering wheel should be light from outside to inside. In turn the steering wheel, through the right-hand drive steering wheel make the car naturally. Turn right, the left hand holding the steering wheel from 9 to 12 o'clock position to promote his right hand on the steering wheel position from the 3-point slide 12 o'clock position, then hold the steering wheel right hand down from 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock position the steering wheel, At the same time the other side of the left hand on the steering wheel from 12 o'clock 6 o'clock hold the steering wheel slide, bringing the steering wheel in your hands turn a half circle, as long as the need for wide-angle turn to repeat the action. Turn the steering wheel when finished to return to positive, as long as the steering wheel is turned the opposite direction, then turn left movements can also be used as the time of operation.

When the vehicle turns corners of different angles, as long as the steering wheel by controlling the speed of rotation can be completed smoothly. Turn the steering wheel on the principle that the number back to playing how much less back to playing less, play more and more back, back to slow play slow, fast back to the Fighter, which turn the steering wheel turned to the advantage that the angle of the steering angle is consistent with the back , making the car when cornering to maintain the correct route and driving posture. In everyday driving the process, many problems with grip steering wheel and turn the steering wheel on the way, such as rubbing the steering wheel, single-hand steering wheel, and so on.

Experience driving the old car drivers often say is a skilled trades, the correct hold the steering wheel is the master of the basis for the skilled trades. For different drivers, while driving over women because the tension and focus, often grasping the steering wheel, arm stiff and inflexible. Male drivers are used too relaxed manner of driving, often become a one-hand family, the representative, one-hand driving here is certainly not the right way of driving, whether because of smoking and should not be one-hand shift driving reason.