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How to keep safe driving in rainy season

How to keep safe driving in rainy season

Dec 05, 2019

How to keep safe driving in rainy season

Make sure that cargo truck outside protection is enough before driveling The goods can not get wet, do not make the rain affect your driving comfort.

Many cargo truck are generally wallside or stake type due to goods reason. , how to prevent the cargo from wetting is becoming a very important problem. Before the rainy season, inspect carefully the tarp of the cargo truck, the holes should be patched immediately. There is normal situation that in most of the domestic trucks seal situation is poor, often outside the cargo truck under heavy rain, the rain inside the cargo truck, you can choose the strips to the strength location of doors, etc. to increase the tightness, so as to keep your driving comfort.

(2) timely replacement of the wiper blade can maintain good vision change the rubber on the wiper once a year after long time aging of rubber, which is not fit closely with the glass and therefore can not sweep the raindrops on the glass, resulting in blurred vision, increase the risk of driving, especially reflection of night lights, making it more serious.

How to do safe driving Avoid meeting the water rather than take away

Traffic seen in the water on rather than take away, and immediately hit the brakes to slow down, which is a common problem with ordinary cargo truck driver. These two methods are very dangerous. Likely to cause the accident of collision or after the car rear-end of the lane vehicles can not ascertain your intentions. we are familiar with the average water depth, our cargo trucks are sufficient to fit.

2 speed can not too fast pay more attention to pedestrians and other special purpose vehicles driving in the water road, because of excessive speed stagnant water will splash passers-by or passing vehicles above this uncivilized driving behavior. Driving in deep Water under the premise of proven depth, should the opposite vehicle over after passage of the vehicle after the formation of waves is very likely to cause engine failure.

3, confirmation fixture The water lane the sight is easy to interference by the water, so the cargo truck driver is supposed to find a fixture as a target, staring at the water surface is easy to cause sight interference, so that the direction lost.

4 Maintain adequate power,

wading and maintain uniform cargo truck driver Should select the appropriate gear before entering the water passage, in the water and maintain uniform traffic, not the throttle of the water fluctuated. Guaranteed through at one go, if the vehicle is slipping in the water, not to force through, keep the engine does not stall, help others to assist.

5,Clear the debris for the cargo truck, the brake should be noted that the drainage

Cargo truck after wading, all parts will be attached on the weeds and other objects, it should be timely clean to prevent engine temperature is too high, damage to parts or attachments. When the car after the water, the brakes may be temporarily weakened, at the same time maintain a safe driving distance, you can touch on the brakes as soon as possible evaporation of moisture in the brake drum.

6 identified the road, be careful of trapping

Due to rain on soil erosion will lead to soft subgrade. Believe it is likely to cause the phenomenon of the vehicle is stuck car. In the rain while driving, be sure to ascertain the road in unfamiliar sections, the road is not good, try to choose to travel in the middle.

7 rainy season driving, speed should not too fast

Driving in the rain, the line of sight will become very poor, the role of the rain cause road slippery. Lane should be opened when double-flashing warning lights to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front, and try not to overtake.

Driving in the rain, one of the most important word is slow to keep the special purpose vehicle stable driving and observe road conditions, so that is safe driving.