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How to Maintain the Vacuum Suction Truck

How to Maintain the Vacuum Suction Truck

Dec 06, 2019

How to Maintain the Vacuum Suction Truck

Vacuum Sewer Truck

1.     Adjustment Position. Maintain appropriate speed vacuum pump, vacuum pump speed is too high, the rotor will be exacerbated by heat, low speed, engine knock is caused by parts caused by the additional impact, affecting the life, the appropriate speed, pre-adjust the throttle .

2.     Suction Sewage Truck Tanks on the road, turn tank: like the pavement of the ramp turn not only will the various components to produce distortions lead to failure, and may lead to rollover accidents.

3.     Suction Sewage Truck turned the tank when the first open after the doors and windows, should be before the turn cylinder dumping doors cover is open, remember to close the doors to turn cans overturned dangerous due to the center of gravity moved.

4.     Clutch oil pump take the power box and vacuum pumps, power take off boxes, engine idling, and fully into the clutch pedal, the clutch slowly lift the clutch pedal.

5.     Sewage Suction Vehicles running special attention to: Power-take-box lever in the center position.

6.     Shall not be used sewage suction truck suction and transportation of waste oil and hazardous materials.

7.     Raised the status of the sludge tank into the bottom of the tank access, you must use supporting safety block. Clamping device. Suction sewage truck transport sewage must be used when the hand doors, due to the tank without the anti-wave plate, the center of gravity higher for this vehicle must be at medium speed and slow speed, not a sharp turn and the brakes.