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How to maintain the warehouse-type semi-trailer?

How to maintain the warehouse-type semi-trailer?

Jul 09, 2019

As a relatively common transportation vehicle, the warehouse-type semi-trailer often travels for a long time. Therefore, in order to ensure better performance of the semi-trailer, we need to pay attention to the maintenance. In general, the warehouse-type semi-trailer is mainly used. The following departments need to be maintained.

The first is the tire: semi-trailer tires are one of the parts with large wear during driving. Therefore, after long-distance transportation, it is necessary to do a systematic overhaul of the car tires. Try to do a four-wheel positioning as soon as possible and find out the problems in time.

Automotive paint: Semi-trailers generally experience wind and rain, and the acid in the rain will damage the paint surface of the car to a certain extent, so it is necessary to develop the habit of washing and waxing after the rain.

Battery: The warehouse-type semi-trailer should regularly check the working performance of the battery to see if it is good. If necessary, you can go to the repair station for testing.

Cooling system: Regularly clean the water jacket of the engine, remove the scale in the cooling system, and also detect and debug the thermostat.

Engine oil: If the viscosity of the oil currently used is too high, it should be changed into a lubricant for summer.

Then the chassis: After driving for a long time, you need to carefully check the chassis for scratches, and if so, repair it in time, do a good job in sealing and rust prevention.