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How to Maintain Water Sprinkler

How to Maintain Water Sprinkler

Nov 08, 2019

How to Maintain Water Sprinkler

l  Consistently, water sprinkler before use, irrigation should be filled within five days after the water soaked the net, and then coating the surface with water and then filled with water and wait and see, two days after drinking the water off to the dress.

l  Regularly check the water system, fasteners, switches, and water hoses and other parts of parts of the sealed case, leakage should be found to restore or replace the seals.

l  Constantly check the water tank, pump rack, bracket fixed, all the nuts should be tightened to ensure a reliable fastening connection.

l  Frequently check the power take off connection with the pump, should join a reliable, normal operation, the use of the power take off, and if found leaking water pump, seals should be replaced.

l  Normally, sprinkler system no water freezing vehicle device, so cold, the air using degrees Celsius immediately after the pump, tank and water system in the water all the net, and pay attention to turn on the water pump drain plug should be closed after the close, Tightly sealed, otherwise it will affect the pump water.

l  Commonly, sprinkler tank of gasoline and kerosene, paint shall not be tainted, since this would accelerate the damage to the paint. Regular checks the quality of the paint on the tank, when the paint damage, paint to fill in time to prevent the tank from corrosion.

l  Usually, tank and truck beams of wood between the pad, tank truck, after the U-bolt deformation of the wood glue will be loosened, so heavy in the car, you must tighten the U-bolts on a regular basis, especially new Cars must do this.

l  Typically, the ball through the media should not be too dirty, so as not to scratch the sealing ring, reducing the life ring valve, the valve should not be long in a semi-open state, otherwise easy to make the seal ring deformation.

l  Generally, the water pump should be kept apart and wash the filter to prevent the waste clogging the filter, affecting traffic.

l  Habitually chassis and engine parts of the truck should be regularly maintained as detailed instructions book.