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How to Maintenance Dongfeng Water Tankers Wagons

How to Maintenance Dongfeng Water Tankers Wagons

Oct 31, 2019


First, the use of and attention:

1, Dongfeng water truck based strictly according to the original chassis of the dongfeng truck using the instructions in the operating procedures pretentious.

2, The operation of the special functions of the sanitation sprinkler according to this description referred to in Chapter III of operating procedures to operate.

3, The dongfeng water truck pump should not drying running, self-priming does not absorb water more than two minutes, the reasons should be examined before.

4, To prohibit the power take off the handle operating in the case chassis clutch undetached. Spraying vehicles, is strictly prohibited in the operation of the pump function of transposition.


Truck chassis according to the original chassis maintenance and repair of sanitation sprinkler and green spray vehicles

l  the requirements of the specification.

water tank inner wall of rust or peeling paint, rust, paint and rust-proof measures should be taken in a timely manner.

l  water pump maintenance by self-priming centrifugal pumps manual.

l  Power-take-maintenance, oil changes, etc. and the main gearbox, original chassis set out the car manual.

l  a long time out or the temperature below zero, after each use, I water should be the engine, pump, pipe network in the exhausted parts to frost damage. Time to stop using, should be carefully re-enable a search various components of the connection is solid, flexible and reliable electrical control.

l  for the first time used in the case of the tank filled with liquid tank U-bolt nuts, connecting plate nut once tighten. Continuous work should be checked on a regular basis on the connection parts, and remove the loosening of the fastener.

l  for each year deal with the water pump, power take off for a more comprehensive inspection, cleaning and repair.

Fault analysis and elimination of the cause of the malfunction that may occur to exclude measures the water pumped up does not

l  the pipeline non seal

l  water filter into the water is too deep

l  pump vacuum bad

l  diversion insufficient check pads, adjust the seal pad thickness, tighten the connector screws.


DEEP water filter pump manual troubleshooting add enough water diversion sprinkler width less than pump up to speed rating less than spraying the wrong angle pipe blockage or leak phenomenon to add a little throttle, the engine speed to pump speed rating.

Adjust the spray angle. Rule out blockages or leaks. Pump noise or vibration bearing clearance is too large gearbox big gear gap is too short of oil with reference to the pump instructions to exclude ball valve manipulation failure of cylinder failure the spool damaged check the electricity, gas and road No loose replace the ball valve Sprinkler special features:


l  Dongfeng company specializing in the production of various tonnage sanitation sprinkler and green spray vehicles, is one of the Dongfeng largest sprinkler manufacturers. Superior product quality, reasonable price and service in place, and widespread customer favorite. Spraying the truck.

l  Sanitation sprinkler pediment (spray) and sprinkle with side spray tank with a working platform, platform installed on the green water spray gun, sprinkler gun can be a full range of rotation can be continuous tone into a straight-shaped, heavy rain, light rain , drizzle with the security fence, the first with a national quality appraisal Hangzhou Veyron high-power dedicated sprinkler pump, pump self-priming from the row, the installation of the filter with the fire interface water through fire hydrants, with gravity valve, The vehicle optional 20 m green reel, can be sprayed pesticide tank metallic paint.

l  Greening sprinkler pump note: high-power dedicated sprinkler pump, a leading international technology in Italy in the domestic production of the series dedicated pump more than 50 years old, mature and reliable product quality, advanced design, reasonable and convenient to use than similar sprinkler pump pressure, suction, far, long life, to overcome the sprinkler pump susceptible to debris wrapped, pressure, absorbent slow shortcomings, leading to the sprinkler pump industry standards at home and abroad, the market share of 93%.