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How to Maximum the Combustion of Fuel in Garbage Trucks

How to Maximum the Combustion of Fuel in Garbage Trucks

Oct 31, 2019

How to Maximum the Combustion of Fuel in Garbage Trucks

 1.     Reduce the air resistance 

For high-speed truck traffic, reducing air resistance of vehicles is very important. The design of the vehicle should take effective measures to reduce air resistance, but not limited to tractor parts. The most basic starting point is the air flow around the body should be as little as possible obstacles. In principle, the front of the vehicle should be as small as possible, so do not select the top of the structure than you need. Installed in the car and do not impede air flow around the body of excess equipment.

2. Lower rolling resistance tires

By reducing the friction between tire and road surface to reduce rolling resistance can reduce fuel consumption. Although you can not directly control the quality of the road, but you can choose the tires, and they decided how much your truck tires installed.

The general principle is: use a relatively small number of tires, steel radial tires, tubeless tires and manufacturers continue to introduce improvements in the pattern of the tire, it will not only greatly reduce the rolling resistance and reduce fuel consumption and also reduce noise and prolong the use of tires life.

The following factors should be avoided: use of bias tire, thick tread tires, low profile tires, small tires and new tires have not been running.

If the tire pressure below the recommended value will greatly increase the rolling resistance, tire life will result in dramatically reduced. So every day, every driver should check the tire pressure is normal.