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How to Operate a Dumper Truck

How to Operate a Dumper Truck

Oct 25, 2020


Check all tailgate latches to be sure they are securely closed.

Do not overload the truck. Small dump trucks built on a 1-ton chassis can safely haul approximately 1.5 yards of gravel or loam.

Drive slowly. Do not make sudden lane changes when loaded, as dump trucks are top-heavy. Truck brakes do not operate as efficiently as car brakes, so allow adequate stopping distances.

Use a helper when backing up.

Avoid soft ground. Always walk the proposed route before backing or driving on it. Check for wet spots, large holes and overhead obstructions.

Back the truck as close to the dump site as possible.

Check again for overhead obstructions and wires.

Release the bottom tailgate latch by pushing down on the lever on the front left corner of the body.

Engage the PTO, if so equipped, or turn on the power switch for the body lift.

Move the body control to the dump position, or press and hold the button for an electric lift.

Move the truck forward as necessary to allow the body to empty completely.

Move the body control lever to the down position, or press and hold the button with an electric dump.

Shut off the power switch, or disengage the PTO.

Raise the tailgate latch lever and secure in the closed position.