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How to Properly Use Your Wrecker Truck?

How to Properly Use Your Wrecker Truck?

Jun 28, 2020

A wrecker truck full name, also known as trailers, from the chassis, lifting equipment, lifts traction device, hydraulic system, electric control system, composed of body and kit, with a lift, pull and care For traction and many other features, for highways, urban roads wrecker operations.

How to Properly Use Your Wrecker Truck

The Wreckers by category consists of: towing with size wrecker, type of towing the separation, one with two flat-type, 360-degree rotating crane type hydraulic automatic clamp.

Wrecker divided by traction Tonnage: 2 tons wrecker trucks, 3 tons, 5 tons auto wreckers, 8 tons tow truck, 10 tons wrecker tow truck, 15 tons commercial tow truck, 25 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, 80 tons.

Wrecker series: JAC Wrecker, Isuzu wrecker, Dongfeng XBW flat wrecker, Dongfeng Dollicar two section boom crane-type wrecker, flat road wrecker Dongfeng, Hongyan heavy-duty wrecker, Styer heavy-duty wrecker, flatbed wrecker, Iveco wrecker.

Wrecker Application: mainly used for road failure vehicles, urban squatters, and rescue vehicles.

Wrecker operational capability: can be divided into light, medium and heavy-duty and super heavy. The job object is removed the country light light-duty trucks, mini buses and cars, etc., in heavy-duty wrecker operations targeted at the heavy-duty trucks, buses and other medium-sized, ultra-heavy-duty wrecker is a heavy-duty job object heavy goods vehicle and trailer super car series.

Second, the safe operation of wrecker Guide:


1, when the wrecker on the roads when the brake pedal together.

2, the brake system properly adjusted wrecker.

3, before driving the wrecker vehicle condition and the tires inflated to check the situation.

4, when walking on the road to open the wrecker's headlights and flashing lights.

5, slow vehicle logo to be hung in the wrecker or significant parts of the rear trailer.

6, if the load is heavier than Wrecker, do not go downhill drag.

7, uphill and downhill drag heavy objects hanging file the same.

8, when the wrecker engine shutdown device to maintain a good working condition.

10, to maintain wrecker battery and boot the system to good working condition.

11, suddenly start wrecker car, must be neutral in the driving seat in the crank.

12, two items of equipment must be equipped to listen to see the backup alarm.