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How to Purchase Dongfeng Skip Refuse Loaders

How to Purchase Dongfeng Skip Refuse Loaders

Nov 16, 2019

How to Purchase Dongfeng Skip Refuse Loaders

Skip refuse loader with Dongfeng, FAW chassis to install unified supporting hydraulic lift assembly arms shipment by about a unified national arm garbage bucket, a Skip refuse loader with a dump function, to achieve security and stability, reliable performance .

Skip refuse loader envelope is divided into different forms of dual-use configuration of the swing arm and the pit floor garbage bucket. Closures can be installed to prevent the disclosure of flying pollution, in order to adapt to different environments use requirements of the leading domestic technology and military enterprises accessories, reliable quality, by the manufacturers to provide users with a Skip refuse loader drawings, to help users design garbage.

Skip refuse loader - Skip refuse loader uses: Swing arm garbage trucks are widely applicable to the waste disposal and the city streets, schools, the application of national Skip refuse loader, can be a vehicle with more than one garbage bucket, each spam point to place more than one garbage bucket with the dump functions, hydraulically operated Skip refuse loader - functional classification of the swing arm garbage truck Pit to arm garbage truck, ground arm garbage truck.

Skip refuse loader - Skip refuse loader classification Trapezoidal bucket, boat bucket, rectangular bucket, sealed bucket arm garbage truck -

Dongfeng Skip refuse loader Products: Dongfeng Cassidy and the Sundance Kid arm garbage truck, the Dongfeng Dollicar arm garbage truck, Dongfeng 140 arm garbage truck, Dongfeng 145 arm garbage truck. Skip refuse loader - Skip refuse loader works. It works, combined with advanced technical design of the same sanitation garbage truck, make full use of hydraulic technology, vehicle design and reasonable structure, excellent performance, flexible and easy to operate. :

l  Swing arm garbage trucks operating system from the power take off pump, manual directional control valve, one-way hydraulic lock and balance valve, tubing, fuel tank and other components, the entire system by the auto gearbox, power take off power , manual directional control valve manipulation outrigger cylinder, arm cylinder for telescopic movement.

l  Second, the swing arm garbage truck arm bodies by a steel plate box-shaped structure. Its main function is the manipulation of the fuel tank by the multi-way valve drive arm around the axis for rotary motion, rotation angle of 145 deg;, which enhance the waste hopper, and garbage hopper tipping movement. Third, the swing arm garbage truck garbage bucket is used to shipping garbage trunk.

l  The trunk of the garbage of the arm is set on the roof on both sides of the trunk, two for the top cover open and closed telescopic cylinders, and let the lifter raises the bucket on the roof with linkage.

l  Fourth, the swing arm garbage trucks operating system pump displacement size by manual throttle control cylinder piston rod velocity, system pressure can be set by the safety relief valve in the car to make an control, the manual valve handle control of stem travel thus The system exceeds the set pressure will be the safety relief valve overflow.

l  Fifth, arm garbage truck arm work cycle time 60S garbage bucket and body separately, to complete a car with a bucket cycle use, greatly reducing the capital of the municipal sanitation. Configuration of arm garbage truck hydraulic cylinders 1680 mm / 125 mm bore; arm stroke: no-load level support 3740 mm, from the vertical to the status of work up to 3890 mm.