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How to Purchase Sprinkler Truck from China

How to Purchase Sprinkler Truck from China

Dec 11, 2019

How to Purchase Sprinkler Truck from China


Sprinkler truck functionally divided as: irrigation sprinklers or garden water sprinkler, street sprinkling truck, water distribution, lawn sprinkler truck and fire sprinkler trucks. CSC is the water tanker truck manufacturer.

Sprinkler adopted the qualified Sort leading imported and domestic chassis, applied in sort road for sprinkling, spraying, temperature reduction and dust dunghill removing, moreover, available for roads conserving, Landscaping, firefighting and drinking water transportation etc.

The vehicle sprinkler system consisted of front irrigating (spouting), rear sprinkling, side showering works, elevated showering; Provided for rear foot platform equipped with high power adjustable spouting gun that rain formed of straight ,down pouring , moderate ,drizzle, spraying and also would use for crop-dusting. Parameters as: vertical section 7 M, Sprinkling range 14 M, Shooting 28 M. While such vehicle could be used for high pressure flushing, firefighting, motive pump station etc.


Conventional sprinkler truck a clear demand is the key How to choose a practical and inexpensive sprinkler truck several Hubei sprinkler truck factory personnel, summarizes the recommendations of the following optional sprinkler truck, primarily from the water truck chassis, tanks, pumps several sprinkler major component parts of the purchase to elaborate.

Chassis: tonnage enough on the line

According to the personnel of Hubei sprinkler truck manufacturers sprinkler chassis brand used more Dongfeng, Jiefang, FOTON, two types of chassis, generally do not use imported chassis, domestic chassis in the economy, practicality and reliability can fully meet user needs . Choice of chassis tonnage, mainly to see the environmental needs of each person or unit of the truck.


Generally speaking, the sprinkler with the site of cool dust and road construction with more than 8 tons of sprinkler; the use of sprinklers on the greening of 9-15 tons; more than 15 tons of sprinkler used mostly for city cleaning. In short, the tonnage on the largest, enough on the line. In the chassis of choice, the engine is also critical. In general, each chassis has several different engines available options, see the brand in your area holdings, to facilitate maintenance. Engine power depends on the road you run and pull the tank size to select.


internal processing is very important:

The size of the tank, mainly according to their own in the end how much volume to hold much water on the choice of how much the tank. Sprinkler tank The tank material, the use of general use are high-quality carbon steel, it also uses stainless steel, but carbon steel in price than expensive about three times.


The internal processing of the tank, especially some special purpose sprinklers, for example, delivery of drinking water should pay attention to rust-proof non-toxic treatment, if there is demand for spraying pesticides, tanks but also anti-corrosion treatment . Outside the tank to install foam or rock wool insulation layer insulation demand.


Pumps: Hangzhou Veyron is to force Sprinkler pump

The pump is the core of the sprinkler spray, the choice of the pump, asked sprinkler manufacturers, import the original there are now Hangzhou Veyron pumps. Hangzhou Veyron is said to the old brand, quality and after-sales service is very good, is also a great market share. Said so much, in fact, conclude, must define their needs, and the working environment, according to the demand to choose their own sprinkler.


Of course, the above purchase sprinkler There may be some place, or even the wrong place, if you have a deeper understanding on the sprinkler can also reply to the discussion. Finally, it should be noted that the above is the purchase of conventional sprinkler on the market today there are many special sprinklers, such as: pesticide spraying vehicles, fire sprinkler, high-altitude operations, sprinkler, suction fecal sprinkler, lorry hanging sprinklers, etc., if there is demand, you can choose one car to the sprinkler.