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How to Purchase Water Bowser Fire Truck

How to Purchase Water Bowser Fire Truck

Jul 13, 2020

Purchase fire truck are divided into two categories: garrison fire truck purchase, purchase fire trucks for special purposes.

Garrison fire vehicle purchase: mainly refers to the warehouse, residential, commercial, special equipment, storage areas and other fixed operating environment of the fire should be relatively predictable for a variety of fire vehicles, fire operations. Large car units, according to actual job requirements and fire response facilities, purchase of vehicles using relatively, such as: large fuel depot can purchase products and dry powder fire foam fire engine. the school community to buy tank fire truck on it.

Purchase fire trucks for special purposes: mainly refers to the unpredictable response to emergencies in the fire special operations. Such models should buy on the overall situation, focusing on a multi-purpose vehicle functions such as column: City Fire Department may use climb the ladder with a functional fire water cannons, high-speed roads with optional features towing wrecker type foam gun fire.

Types in the purchase of fire engines at the same time, units from the following car fire vehicles is to examine the quality of:

1 power take off of the production units and word of mouth, the pressure of the fire pump power.

2 blanket assembly tightness.

3 meter box storage warehouse equipment setup and implementation aspects of related equipment.

4 It is characterized with high-capacity storage tank, fire pump system comes with, use it as a backup fire water supply vehicles, especially for arid areas. It also has the general function of tank fire.