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How to Purchase Wrecker for Highway Business

How to Purchase Wrecker for Highway Business

Nov 07, 2019

How to Purchase Wrecker for Highway Business

Highway wrecker is usually the same as held by the traffic police brigade and police squadron handled by a brigade under the jurisdiction of this squadron.

A squadron handled the highway mileage of 30-60 km. 3-4 Wrecker class configuration of this squadron is appropriate, ie, light, medium and heavy wrecker, each unit. Light, heavy wrecker prototype with which a model is more suitable for? The following tips from CSC trucks teach you how to buy?

highway just opened, unobstructed vehicle is less, I believe that the fundamental configuration of a Squadron is one of three tons wreckers, one of eight tons wreckers, a 50 t wrecker hanging models most relevant. Eight tons wreckers models have been able to hold up the usual bus models, models have been few more important than the bus, hinder / confuse car is more important than the bus appears, can be dispatched 50 tons of heavy wreckers into the clear barrier, such as to allow the guarantee of 50-ton wrecker positive attendance.

wrecker long-term idle or low attendance is a waste. When the highway opened time is longer, more open vehicle, the squadron can a corresponding increase in a 3 t wreckers about 5 tons wreckers, so enrich the play drag the advantages of the flat-panel models, increase road wrecker Paul Chang ability traffic is particularly busy when the growth medium wreckers vehicles.

A brigade as a group think about, I believe that a brigade want to configure at least one with 60 tons crane wrecker rotation, to configure this to a squadron, instead of the 50-ton rotating crane wrecker, and 60 tons of wrecker vehicle decoration in the highway the middle of the squadron, easy to support other on both sides of the wrecker squadron to meet to deal with punishment particularly severe hinder / confuse car. Based on the above analysis, we can come to this conclusion: rational allocation of the various types of wrecker, not just cost savings, but also more effective, more efficient wrecker task.