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How to Rent Your Tipper in Africa

How to Rent Your Tipper in Africa

Nov 08, 2019

How to Rent Your Tipper in Africa

A tipper is useful for a major renovation, construction or landscaping project. Rent a tipper in much the same way you would other heavy machinery and follow these steps the tipper you need.

dump truck

1.     Determine how you will use the tipper so you know what size is required. You don't want to pay for more truck than you need. Remember, multiple might make more sense; in this case, rent a smaller vehicle.

2.     Find a qualified driver before you rent the tipper. Like other heavy machinery, many states require a certain class of license before you can complete the rental contract. If you don't have the license, you will need someone else to drive.

3.     Prepare your specifications. Make a list of size, budget and length of time you need the tipper. There are two basic tippers. The standard truck has the dump box on the back and is operated with hydraulics from a truck cab. An articulated dump truck is steered with hydraulic rams and is better for maneuvering over rough terrain.

4.     Search online for heavy machinery rentals. Some national sites can direct you to a local rental agency for a tipper.

5.     Contact a local construction company to rent a tipper. You may be able to arrange both a truck and driver for a negotiated fee.

construction dump

Consider an alternative such as a dumpster rental. These are fairly easy, and rental services are more common. The dumpster is delivered to the site and then hauled away by the service, avoiding the need for a qualified drive.