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How to Right Use Tubeless Tire

How to Right Use Tubeless Tire

Dec 06, 2019

How to Right Use Tubeless Tire

Tubeless tires, also known as vacuum tire (commonly known as hollow tires), it is the adhesive layer on the vulcanization of tire cavity, a layer of air tightness is better to play a role in tubeless tires. Tubeless tires is the main direction of the tire development in the future. Structure of tubeless tires, performance do not quite understand, leading to widespread use of early wear and tear, early damage. Therefore, the proper use and maintenance is to extend the life of the key.

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Tubeless tires when used to note the following:

(1) Raise Awareness. 

Tubeless tires in China is still in the initial period of its advantages there is not enough, still treat it with the traditional concept, which not only shortens its service life, and hinder full play to its superior performance.

(2) Strict Inflation Criteria. 

Strictly in accordance with standard inflatable is to extend the life of the key. Higher than the standard tire pressure, make the tire loss of flexibility, cushioning properties damage vehicles in the beating intensified and poor braking performance; tire pressure less than the standard is extremely harmful (insufficient tire pressure is more common, which is to promote tire early damage to the main reason).

Because the same pressure, the radial deformation of tubeless tires is more than three times the ordinary tire, the deformation of such a large amount of make bead damage and the edge of the buffer layer delamination, severe will tire quickly scrapped.

(3) Air Check. 

Tire inflation is not absolutely sealed, even in the tire valve core intact, will be self-leakage, therefore, must be ground to check up to make up a monthly basis to measure tire pressure.

(4) Driving. 

Driving has a decisive impact on the life of tubeless tires. Sharp turns, cornering speed is too high, often with the emergency brake, poor route selection, impact of the road along, these are the form factors of tire damage. Maintain vehicle speed driving can reduce tire temperature and prolong life.

(5) With Special Tools, Disassembly Tires.

(6) Correct Matching Installation. 

In the same car type, pattern and Condition tires, make it reasonable to assume that the load so as to achieve uniform wear.Any mixed use not only accelerate tire damage ring, we will increase wear and fuel consumption of the transmission components.

(7) Rotate the Tires on a Regular Basis. 

Automobile driving after a certain mileage, the tires of different parts of the fatigue and wear, there will be differences, therefore, must rotate the tires. Radial truck tires are generally 12,000 km a transposition.

(8) Maintain a good state of chassis technology. 

The front wheel alignment inaccurate, rim deformation the, brake hair bite and so will accelerate tire wear.