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How to Run a Refuse Compressor Truck Company

How to Run a Refuse Compressor Truck Company

Jan 15, 2020



Step 1

Consider the types of skills needed for becoming a garbage collector. A commercial truck driver's license and the ability to operate heavy machinery such as a forklift and compacting equipment are necessary for a successful garbage collecting business. More over the ability to repair certain devices on the garbage trucks can do great favor in the process of working .


Step 2

Determine if you have the right disposition to become a qualified garbage collector. A garbage collector is supposed be in good physical shape and be able to lift heavy objects. It is a dirty job that does not stop in any kind of weather so the ability to work in all kinds of weather and temperatures is a necessity. Garbage collectors work very early in the morning and late at night.


Step 3

Contact the local municipal department to find out if they contract out for garbage collectors or check the Yellow Pages for phone numbers of garbage collection services. Find out if they are hiring and what is needed in order to apply. Ask if they provide job training.


Step 4

Apply for any permits required for the job of a garbage collector. Handling hazardous, flammable or toxic waste may require a license.



Step 5

Set up an interview with the garbage collection agency. This may require a physical examination by your doctor as well.


Step 6

Ask the employer what equipment they supply. Find out what you may need to buy on your own, things like boots, gloves and reflective clothing for early morning and night jobs.