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How to Use Dump Truck

How to Use Dump Truck

Oct 05, 2020

Dump truck falling lift is lead to dump truck lifting beams, cargo containers and truck axles and other parts severely damaged in the accident, falling behind is the so-called lift dump truck full of materials in the lifting process, before dumping it suddenly cannot lift, trunk and materials to pound heavily with the subframe rails and cars, cars under severe dynamic load impact, causing serious damage to vehicles.


Improper operation of dump truck drivers : heavy lifting in the process, suddenly the hand control valve from the lift position to stop or landing position, man-made heavy fall. Once the decline has occurred, and then move to hand control valve lift position also serves no purpose. For the manipulation of electric cars, began to lift after mistakenly press the landing switch, the same will happen with the above reasons overloaded down accidents.

High-pressure hydraulic system of dump truck suddenly burst pipe:

Due to severe overloading, improper use and other reasons, the heavy lifting when the high-pressure hose sudden burst, a sudden pressure release cylinder, resulting in lifting falling behind. Emptied after the landing of materials in the dump truck , if the trunk is not completely reduced to the subframe, is about to hand control valve dial to position (for the manipulation of electric cars, not about control switch in the landing place in the park position), will persist in the high-pressure hydraulic cylinders, after loading the pressure will be increased. Under long-term in high-pressure hydraulic system, combined with the bumps in the car driving vibration, the high-pressure tubing prone to fatigue failure, as well as heavy lifting in the sudden burst. In addition, prolonged use, high-pressure tubing is not promptly replaced, or the poor quality of high-pressure tubing itself, the reasons are burst. High-pressure tubing to metal and rubber composite materials, and pipe fittings at both ends of pressure in one, bursts tend to occur in the pipe joints.

Prevention and treatment methods:

First, be familiar with the dump truck dump bodies and hydraulic works, to prevent misuse; not loading in high pressure situations; attention to daily maintenance of the hydraulic system and found that high-pressure oil pipeline must be replaced; regular replacement is to use high-pressure limit tubing; rational use of the vehicle, try not to overload operation.

Falling in the event of an accident lifting, high-pressure pipeline rupture tubing should be replaced (but in the case of heavy vehicles is difficult to operate), and damage to the vehicle, as appropriate, for repairs.

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