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How to Use Sweeper Truck

How to Use Sweeper Truck

Oct 05, 2020

Working principle:

Clean: Vice engine-driven hydraulic pump and fan work. Hydraulic pump drive left and right sweep plate stretching, lifting, rotating. Sweep around both sides of the garbage plate to sweep to sweep under the car wash, the front nozzle.

Fan to the trash, straws, and the composition of the air duct nozzle produces high-speed airflow, the air flow under the effect of inhalation of nozzle garbage and into the trash. Engine-driven vehicle chassis sweeping forward running, sweeping to the front of the nozzle into the nozzle of litter and trash sucked continuously to achieve the road clean.

Left and right established by the national patent sweep cleaning sweeper with anti-collision avoidance function. To clean the road, washing Curb facade.

1, sweeping trucks sweeping vacuuming system is equivalent to 6-40 times the artificial;

2, reduce the level of dust pollution on the environment (saving time and money, reduce the appearance of artificial cleaning products, cleaning and maintenance of machinery and equipment, and periodic environmental sanitation, etc.)

3, improve efficiency, while increasing the operator's enthusiasm for work;

4, a good clean environment not only improve the city image, and more conducive to the construction of urban culture and the public enthusiasm for the work.

How to Use Sweeper Truck