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How to Use Water Foam Tank Fire Truck Nozzle

How to Use Water Foam Tank Fire Truck Nozzle

Jan 12, 2020

Water supply is one of the most important elements of firefighting. Fire fighters require a steady supply of high-pressure water in order to combat flames effectively and prevent them from spreading. In order to accomplish this, specialized hoses and nozzles are used to control the flow of water from a fire hydrant and direct it effectively into the blaze. While the mechanics of using a fire-fighting nozzle are simple, handling the force of so much water pressure as it comes through the hose requires strength, balance and the proper technique.

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Things You'll Need:

Fire hose



  • Step 1

Attach the nozzle to the end of the fire hose. The hose has to be specific to firefighting so it won't rupture under extreme water pressure. The nozzle should screw onto the end of the hose attachment.


  • Step 2

Aim the nozzle at the source of the fire once the hose is attached to the nozzle and the other end is attached to a water source (normally a hydrant or a pressure system from a fire truck).


  • Step 3

Brace your back leg and stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart to maintain your balance.


  • Step 4

Pull back on the lever located at the top of the nozzle to open the valve and send water out of the nozzle towards the fire.


  • Step 5

Grip the nozzle firmly and keep the hose under your back arm to brace it as water comes through it.


  • Step 6

Push the lever forward again once the fire is out to close the valve.