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How to Use Water Tank Fire Truck?

How to Use Water Tank Fire Truck?

Jul 13, 2020

Fire fighting vehicles into the fire, in the operation should pay attention to several issues.

1, fire truck into the fire, the fire commander shall specify the location of parked vehicles. Vehicles parked on the attitude to meet the needs of the fire truck attack and retreat, to withdraw at any time to ensure flexible and comfortable risk position. Vehicle engine must remain running condition, must not blindly turn off, adversely affected by aircraft. Fire started when the water supply, water pressure should be gradually increased to avoid the gun and the sudden boost of reaction generated by water hammer phenomenon caused by combat injuries or hose burst and affect the smooth development of firefighting and rescue work. Fire hose in the laying process, by road and if you want to have sharp objects on the ground ( Common as fire broken glass. ) Is to do with the protection of water, place the hose was cut and the car burst through the rolling fire hose effect.

2, access to water in the process, whether it should be noted that fire hydrant water pressure to meet fire needs. Taking the natural water sources should be noted that the depth of Ponds, mud and so on, to prevent too shallow and deep water port by the mud into the water which caused the fire water supply interruption.

3, the water from the fire water supply capacity over the direct fire, the fire vehicle should be used for water supply. Water tanker truck drivers should pay attention to the overflow of excess water, maintain proper water supply.

After the car cannot be observed in the vehicle in front of the overflow situation, the vehicle in front of the car the driver can open the upper part of the manhole tank, to prevent excessive water tank up phenomenon occurs. In the course of the water supply by water tankers should choose the hard road parking, cannot be parked in the hard road, they should take the necessary measures to prevent overflow leaving the vehicle stalled. Direct coupling Relay supply, should make full use of the same type of fire-fighting vehicles, each vehicle must be coordinated between, to prevent improper operation due to interruption of water supply. High pressure water directly, they should pay attention to maintaining adequate water pressure to prevent harm to combatants.