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How You Fill a Water Truck

How You Fill a Water Truck

Nov 11, 2019

How You Fill a Water Truck?

Use of sprinkler to spray water on the road and washing the road in order to achieve the role of dust and clean the road. In addition, water sprinkler also used to irrigate green with flowers and trees, increase the project water, as well as the role of extinguishing fires in water sprinkler truck and sweeping brush on the fly can be carried out in the winter snow.

Sprinkler divided by end-use spray type, flush type, spray - rinse formula; depending on chassis type is divided into vehicle-type, semi-trailer and trailer; according to the title of a cubic meter water tank capacity (tones) of the sprinkler. Such as the use of the Yellow River JN150 chassis of 8.4m3 watering machine.

For the highways, urban roads and airports with the watering machines, mainly installed in the set 4t quality 4t or above the chassis. Its main components are the chassis, tanks, piping systems, pumps, sweeping brush and nozzle and so on. Watering should be read carefully before using the instruction manual. Operate strictly according to application requirements is an important guarantee for the use of a good sprinkler.

1. For the requirements of water

when the sprinkler use of brook, ponds as water sources, the note did not all end suction tube into the water. In order to avoid inhalation of stones or more of sediment, floating debris, suction tube ends are generally equipped with filtration devices, water absorption are forbidden to remove the filter. If the shallow water needs to advance a number of water-absorbent Department deepened to ensure that does not contain debris and not into the air. Different sprinkler requirements for water pumps are different, the Clean Water Pump demand cannot have impurities in the water, turbid water pump requires water and cannot have too many rocks and sediment.

2. Filling water

before each suction centrifugal pump is required to pump the inclusion of a certain amount of water, add exhausted plus outlets must be closed. Self-priming pump for the first time use, the need to add water and, thereafter, no need to water.

3. Inlet will need to vacuum

Suction inlet when the vacuum system must maintain a certain degree in order to suction the water box. Into the plumbing system must be sealed and reliable, hoses cannot be damaged, hard tube cannot have cracks, or will have a leak phenomenon, also caused by smoking is not the case

4. Parking is put in gear

Sprinkler whether in the water-absorbent before, or in the water spray prior to taking power devices have to be put in gear when parked.

5. Winter Drainage

Before the coming winter should be the water pump and water pipes venting to prevent Frost Crack. Winter in northern China is no longer in general construction, so once construction is finished, it immediately pumps and pipe the water emptying to prevent future trouble.

6. Watering Note

The former location of sprinkler heads low, close to the ground, spraying pressures, can be used to wash the road; after the nozzle position is relatively high (usually around the sprinkler heads after the installation of a), watering face wide, can be used to spray water on highway construction, use After the nozzle, the nozzle should be closed before; the use of adjustable water spray nozzle, the water spray width can be adjusted. The more water spray width wide, and the amount of overlap among the less density, more uniform watering.

7. Lubrication and fastening

In the course of transmission assembly to periodic lubrication of lubrication points, often fastening join points in order to ensure normal use.

8. On a regular basis sewage

Sprinkler water tank with outfall of the pipe imports water tank low. After a period of use, should be regularly open the outfall switch, tank accumulated debris removed, until the water to clear up.