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Information on drawings of concrete mixing station

Information on drawings of concrete mixing station

Nov 08, 2020

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Information on drawings of concrete mixing station

Mainly by the mixing of concrete mixing station master, material weighing system, material handling systems, material storage system and control systems such as five large-scale systems, and other ancillary facilities component.

First, the basic components of concrete mixing station.

Mainly by the mixing of concrete mixing station master, material weighing system, material handling systems, material storage system and control systems such as five large-scale systems, and other ancillary facilities component.

1. Mixer

Mixer according to their mixing method is divided into compulsory mixing and self-loading mixing. Forced mixer is a mixing station at home and abroad to use the mainstream, it can stir mobility, semi-rigid and dry a variety of rigid concrete. Since the fall mixing consoles mixing liquid concrete mixing station is currently rarely used.

Compulsory mixer according to structural form is divided into spindle planetary mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer and twin-shaft mixer. Which in particular twin-shaft compulsory mixer of the integrated use of the best performance. Our series of mixing plant used in all twin-shaft compulsory mixer.

Material weighing system is affecting the quality of concrete and concrete production cost of key components, mainly divided into aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing three parts. Under normal circumstances, less than 20 cubic meters per hour, mixing station overlay weighing methods, namely, aggregate (sand, stone) with a scale, a scale with cement and fly ash, water and liquid additive were weighed , and then put the liquid additive to water, said pre-mix within the Big Dipper. In more than 50 cubic meters per hour, mixing stations, multi-use of materials, said an independent weighing all the way, all have use of electronic weighing scales and computer control. Aggregate weighing accuracy of ≤ 2%, cement, powder, water and additives have reached the weighing accuracy of

3. Material handling system

Material Handling consists of three parts. Aggregate transmission; the current conveyor are hopper mixing station transmission and belt conveyor in two ways. Hopper to enhance the advantages of small footprint, simple structure. Conveyor belt conveyor has the advantage of distance from large, high efficiency, failure rate is low. Conveyor belt mainly applies to the temporary storage of aggregate mixing station, mixing station to improve productivity. Powder conveying; concrete available powder is mainly cement, fly ash and slag. Now widely used in powder form of screw conveyor, large mixing floor scraper pneumatic conveying and transporting. Screw conveyor has the advantage of simple structure, low cost, reliable. Liquid delivery mainly refers to water and liquid additives, which are transported by water pump.

4. Material storage system of concrete storage of materials available to basically the same. Aggregate open-air piling up (and there are large-scale urban mixed concrete mixing station in a closed silo); powder storage silo steel structure with the fully closed; admixture with steel containers for the storage.

5. Control System

Mixing station control equipment, the central nervous system is complete. Control system based on user requirements and mixing of different sizes have different functions and the preparation, under normal circumstances at the construction site are available for small mixing plant control system simpler, while the large mixing station is relatively complex systems. Second, the specification model mixing station

Mixing station in accordance with its specification size is the theory of production per hour named, the current specifications commonly used in China: HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60, HZS75, HZS90, HZS120, HZS150, HZS180, HZS240 so. Such as: HZS25 refers to a capacity of 25 cubic meters per hour of mixing station, the host for the twin-shaft compulsory mixer. If the host with a single horizontal axis models HZD25.

Third, pay attention to buy mixing station should

1. The construction of concrete performance label; thus to choose what kind of mixing console. If you must use force hydraulic mixing console. In addition, mixing of concrete should be based upon the type of material matching batching station and storage silo. Cement Butterfly Valve

2. Construction of the amount of concrete tasks and their duration; use this parameter to select the two specifications with little mixing station. Total volume of concrete tasks set M; concrete pouring the number of days for the T; daily working hours for the H; utilization factor of K, the specifications should be selected mixing station X = M / T * H * K, where K is 0.7-0.9 . Should also be considered in selecting the finished concrete transport situation. Such as: direct pumping or delivery vehicles. Determining the volume of delivery vehicles, an important basis for models mixing station.

3. The construction environment and the construction of objects; in purchasing concrete mixing station, should give full consideration to the construction objects and the environmental impact of construction in order to ensure the smooth construction and construction quality. In the following cases we recommend that you prepared all the best.

a. When the site needed a larger amount of one-time cast (according to an optional mixing stirring take more than 12 hours), enough to require a higher quality parts, and nearby there is no reinforcement to the mixing station, the best choice for mixing two smaller size station, or select a master one of the two aircraft preparation.

b. When the site transport facilities, maintenance personnel access to the site need to spend a lot of time, the best choice with the same smaller size of the two aircraft stations, or prepare adequate spare parts, in order to ensure a smooth construction progress. Powder Special butterfly valves c. When the construction of a more decentralized manner, but not too far distance between the site, concrete transport truck delivery radius of no more than a half hour's drive, dump trucks transport less than 10 minutes. The best use of multi-focused, No. stirring, to improve the mixing station and construction of economic utilization.

4. Operator quality; In general, the smaller mixing station structure is relatively simple control systems are relatively simple. Originally on the operation and maintenance personnel requirements are lower. The complex structure of the larger stations, a high degree of automation, and therefore the requirements of operators is higher. So you buy apart from the mixing station in front of a number of factors, should consider this factor.

5. Preparation of choice; Under normal circumstances, manufacturers have mature product preparation, such as specifications, quantity, variety and so on. When you are ordering in the product may be made to your specific requirements. We will do our best to meet your requirements. However, avoid purchasing products, this will lead the economy does not do not waste. Also in addition to purchasing products with reference to different manufacturers from the prices, should also pay particular attention to the preparation of a list of different manufacturers. In addition to the above specifications, the variety and quantity, the most important component parts to manufacturers. Integrated over one by one, you can always choose the most suitable for your model. Do not seek in selecting the best model, but should seek the most appropriate and meet your needs, because such a choice is the most economical and effective.

At present, the market mostly intermittent mixing station. The process is: first production with no better than Mixer

The ability of raw materials, and then put into the mixer in the mixing. Stir well before dumping into the truck in the. Continuous mixing plant process is as follows:

1) began after production of raw materials, according to their distance from the mixer imported ingredients evenly in order to start the process of simultaneous arrival mix Gang Kou;

2) the material evenly into the mixer in proportion to imports;

3) mixer mixing roundabout will be expected to move forward at the same time, material began to stir from the importing / advance to the exit will turn into finished products.

4) the amount of production to pre-set side, the import of all materials, according to the distance from the mixer in order to stop.

5) From the start of production to the production end, ingredients, mixing / forward, out of materials is continuing.

Characterized by continuous powder mixing station dedicated butterfly valve

1) Host working smoothly: raw materials in a relatively long period of time even into the mixer. No vote is expected during intermittent burst.

2) The finished product into the car stable: concrete in the longer period of time even into the car, no intermittent burst discharge process.

3) The space occupied by less: reducing a large bucket, and aggregate in the finished product storage hopper, low profile, small footprint.

4) abrasion wear of low: no impact on the smooth mixing, while mixing less.

5) low energy consumption: installed power is small, while mixing less, even a small amount of raw materials into the mixer and mixing easily.

6) Use and maintenance costs low: less structural links, belts, short, smooth.

Continuous Compulsory cement concrete mixing station composed of five systems

Sand and gravel system: consists of three gravel bucket feeding (according to different requirements can also be a two or four), respectively, for the measurement of sand and gravel to feed. Each sand bucket from the collection hopper, weighing sensor, reducer, feed belts and ancillary equipment etc..

Powder system: from the storage silos, storage warehouse butterfly, enhance spiral, measuring positions, the tray feeder and other parts. Powder storage warehouse, including the main warehouse and sub-stores, a single volume 100T-300T. The main warehouse and deputy positions are broken arch with automatic device, material digital signal pointing device. Butterfly valve cement powder storage warehouse also features a dust removal system.

Water and admixture systems: from the admixture box, pond (or tank), pump stations, water and admixtures weighing hopper and pipeline component.

Transfer - Mixing - Storage Systems: from belt machines, mixers and blenders frame composition. Sand and gravel from the batching machine belt loaded into the mixer. Fly ash, cement through the measurement positions on the disc to the feeder and screw directly into the mixer aggregates.

Low-voltage electrical and automation systems: including power cabinets, sensors and control centers, three parts.

Multi-dimensional continuous compulsory cement concrete mixing station for several major advantage

Large output and high efficiency: Continuous steady work, continuous mixing station stand-alone high yields.

Stir well: the mixture into the mixer for uniform material, mixture in the mixer for mixing within the mixing process and the hydration process, thus stirring time can be shortened.

Missed pulp, wear a small: a continuous feed mixer feed mixing the dry side as well as the two are added counter-shaft spiral. Therefore, there is no leakage problem pulp. Mixer on the wear-resistant materials demand is not high.

Failure Low: continuous mixing station start and stop times of all equipment is only gap-type mixing station 1/7-1/3, so equipment, long life, low probability of failure.

Intermittent mixing station system components

Mixing system for multi-dimensional assembly of key components abroad, twin-shaft mixer, a user can also specify other foreign mixer.

Aggregate Measurement System Measurement: standard incremental method measurement, improved use of electronic weighbridges reduction method measurement; powder measure: mixer at the top of fly ash-based cement metering and measuring the Big Dipper, standards-based mixing station with AC contactor control to enhance spiral, with no precise device; modified ingredients mixing station with frequency converter coarse, fine with. Water metering: The three-point suspended weighing bodies, with coarse, fine with loops and other devices to ensure measurement accuracy. Admixture measurement: The direct effect of load sensors, with coarse, fine with loops and metering box, a separate piping layout, to ensure accurate measurement.

Dust removal system to establish an independent centralized dust mixing station for centralized processing, dust removal effect is good, and avoid the formation of negative pressure affect the powder mixer chamber measurement accuracy. Aggregate feeding system on the use of a feeding conveyor promoted to the Big Dipper in the reservoir. Has a compact structure, high reliability and easy maintenance and so on.

Automatic control system uses a distributed computer system, centralized management, and reliable.

Improved technical advantages of concrete mixing station: 5 High School Practical five high

System configuration according to user requirements can be high-hosts internationally known brand products matching can also choose the key pieces of the domestic assembly of imported blenders.

Ingredients with high precision using frequency conversion technology with the various materials, coarse and fine. Thick with up to the required dosage of 90-95%, refined with ingredients to achieve accuracy of better than 0.5%. mobile concrete batching plant, concrete mixing plant, concrete batching , used concrete batching plant .

Actions such as high reliability parts cylinder moves the frequency is low, reducer is also due to use of inverter control to avoid the impact of hard to start, failure rate is low, and high reliability.

A high degree of productivity, security Cost-effective performance with the mixing, and cost only mixing 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 2.

2 Practical

Practical real-time data management system to save mixing station production data. Has a strong combination of queries and a variety of report output, automated print delivery note.

Useful and practical slump slump monitoring system monitoring system based on current curves shown in mixer operator can visually determine concrete slump.

Intermittent structural characteristics of cement concrete mixing station

Under the discharge port warehousing large warehouses is not expected to bagging (without hopper vibrators), lower feed speed and less time feeding, one feeding can produce a car with concrete cylinder motion frequency is small, long service life.

Storage warehouse to measure the amount of the Big Dipper feeding does not affect the accuracy of ingredients.

Ingredients into one time and rise time, storage warehouse to measure the Big Dipper feeding time is short, time and ingredients to enhance a long time. And thus the stability of the sensor have sufficient response time, small overshoot ingredients to enhance the small load.

Strong pull-belt speed computers, inverter control, to achieve the soft start and stop, the impact is small, belt material less sticky. A variety of aggregate in the basic material out of a fixed period of time, mixing, to enhance the load being evenly.

The use of Frequency Control, in a relatively short period of time to achieve high-precision dosing.