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Installation and Operation Pump of Water Carrier

Installation and Operation Pump of Water Carrier

Oct 06, 2020

(A) Installation Requirements

Shape and size of the pump installation shown in Figure.

1, The spraying truck pump installed in the car, such as using a two-stage impeller pump, the first brace on both sides of the unloading pump, no such single-stage impeller pump. Shaft center line aligned with the coupling , the gear box on the four foot bolts tightened, and then loaded on both sides of the brace and tighten the nut.

2, Import and export of pipe installation must be fastened to the vehicle body, the weight of import and export pipeline and installation of additional stress caused by improper cannot be borne by the pump.

3, Pump inlet filter should be installed in the pipeline, mesh diameter should be less than 6mm, in order to avoid large debris or blockage of long fiber inhalation.

4, Pump and piping system installed, the pump pressure should be 1.2 times rated pressure endurance test, which lasted 5 minutes, to prove that the system no leaks (when importing a vacuum table to close the road or remove the vacuum table).

5, Check whether the gear box gear oil to the oil standard height range of instructions. If you do not meet the gear oil should be added or released.

6, Commissioning, the pump should bear full of liquid, to prevent damage to mechanical seal dry friction.

7, Pay attention to check the pump rotation direction is correct.

8, pump and piping should be prepared to static ground work to ensure safety.


(B) Operation Requirements

1, Before the start of spraying car, first check the gear box gear oil is adequate. Note: use the week after the new pump, gear oil change should be placed to make new oil.

2, Check whether there is enough pumps the liquid, run the import pipeline valves.

3, Open the valve a small amount of the export pipeline, run the import pipeline valves.

4, The pump suction nozzle should be no liquid immersion 30cm below, to prevent air suction. Suction nozzle of the filter cannot be too dense, but cannot be blocked.

5, Start self-priming pump, the pump speed should be appropriate to or slightly higher than the rated speed, because the low-speed operation will extend the time for self-absorption, or even able to fulfill the self-absorption. When the exit pressure gauge shows that the pump is working properly.

6, In the normal high degree of self-absorption, the pump cannot start 2 minutes after the suction on, please stop running pump. If the pump is not leaking or blocked imports of pipeline leak, check to make sure and take appropriate action after the operation of pumps.

7, The sprinkler pump end of the work, should gradually close the exit line valve, and then stop the prime mover.

8,500 ZRG pump input shaft speed should be controlled no more than 600r/min, so as to avoid excessive damage to the pump power.

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