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Introduction of Garbage Trucks

Introduction of Garbage Trucks

Oct 06, 2020

Introduction Garbage Truck

First, the garbage truck concept:

Is used to collect garbage trucks, transit transportation trash clean up, to avoid secondary pollution of the new sanitation vehicles.

Second, the garbage truck major brands:

Are: Dongfeng vehicle, the liberation of garbage trucks, garbage trucks, etc. Fukuda


Third, the garbage truck divided by vehicle size:

Ba Jin (Cassidy) vehicle, Duolika garbage trucks, 140 garbage trucks, 145 garbage trucks, 153 garbage trucks, garbage trucks, etc., after eight

Fourth, in accordance with the use classification:

Dump type garbage truck, arm-type (dual-pit surface type) refuse collection vehicles, sealed garbage truck, garbage truck hanging bucket, pull arm garbage truck, garbage truck dock, compression type garbage truck, etc.

V. arm type garbage truck:

Swing arm type garbage truck of similar products at home and abroad advanced technology, full use of hydraulic technology, vehicle design, reasonable structure, excellent performance, flexible operations. With the overall attractive appearance, safe, reliable, easy driving, compact and reasonable. Component parts used in all major domestic and international general standard parts, easy maintenance. Compartment volume of large, high intensity of the mature realization of the hydraulic lifting mechanism to ease loading and unloading garbage. Sanitation sector and is mainly used for mining, oil fields, large enterprises garbage. Handling, transport and so on.


Functional Description


1 arm body: arm body formed by a steel box-shaped structure, its main function is manipulated by the multi-valve cylinder-driven arm around the shaft rotates, the rotation angle of 145 °, which can enhance the hopper, and the hopper for tipping movement.

2 hopper: all-metal structure, there are two kinds of open and closed for loading.

3 hydraulic operating system: by the PTO, oil pump, manual multi-valve, one-way hydraulic lock, balance valve, tubing, tanks and other components, the entire system by the auto gearbox, power take-powered, manual multi- outrigger control valve cylinder, arm cylinder for telescopic movement. The size of the system by manual displacement pump in the car mainly as throttle control, manual control valve handle to control stem stroke cylinder piston rod speed, system pressure safety relief valve can be set, the system will be more than the set pressure of safety overflow relief valve.

Compression garbage truck is designed for removal and transportation of urban domestic refuse collection and other special vehicles compressible waste sanitation. Mouth filled with garbage from the car low, waste dust, safe saving, compression of the sealed garbage removal, to eliminate or reduce the secondary pollution. Hydraulic components (cylinders, fittings, hydraulic pipe, valve, etc.), use electrical components Dengjun domestic advanced technology products; guide selection of key parts such as scraper made of quality steel; human design, operation, easy maintenance, good looks, completely sealed envelope, which completely avoid secondary pollution.


VI, compressed garbage truck will replace the dump garbage truck:

With the current acceleration of urbanization and the increase in municipal solid waste, city garbage trucks on the growing demand, while also growing awareness of urban environmental protection, which are compressed garbage truck will drive a large area of the dump instead of the traditional garbage truck.

Private domestic car market has great potential garbage

Compression is an efficient collection of garbage trucks, transit vehicles, waste-specific urban sanitation, garbage collection, transport along the course to avoid the secondary pollution caused by the spill, is the ideal equipment for the work of urban sanitation, the national Special Purpose Vehicle. Ten First Five-Year Plan focus on the development directions. At present only Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other large cities and coastal cities in large open areas using compressed garbage truck, most of the small city garbage dump garbage trucks are used to transport, low level of mechanization, manual labor intensity, the second pollution is serious, more suited to the needs of modern urban development.

With the acceleration of urbanization, increased automation and the current efforts of many cities are building health cities, the user requirements for the compressed garbage truck more and more. However, due to the current sanitation or garbage trucks to buy most of the financial allocation to rely on procurement, so that different economic levels of city garbage trucks on the choice of sanitation there are some differences.


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