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Isuzu Full Floor New Model Wrecker

Isuzu Full Floor New Model Wrecker

Oct 23, 2019

CSCTRUCK has been developed a floor type wrecker successfully, the truck structure with full computer graphic design, three-dimensional modeling, production, management process, can quickly and accurately to ensure the quality of the design process, improve manufacturing efficiency of new products, shorten the production period and delivery time.


Qingling Isuzu full floor type wrecker choose the new single row un-tiltable cabin, offwhite interior decoration safe belts and seats, with cool-hot A/C. The transmission equipped with ISUZU MSB gears with 5 speed forward and 1 speed reverse (300,000 km without pitting, broken teeth), disc brakes, intercooled turbo, power steering, the crash-frame, double no exposed rivet, dual hydraulic shock absorber, Radio cassette MP3, 7.00-16 dongfeng original tires.


The full floor type wrecker truck consisted with deck assembling, sub-frame system, under lift system, side operation system, hydraulic system and electric system. Main parts such as the China-Canada designed 4ton winches, 25meters steel wire, steel hooks, complete truck with 5 units’ high frequency cylinders, oil purifier, 1 sets of Y type forks, 1set of L type wheel lift receivers, 1 pcs of chain hook, 1 set of auxiliary wheel, full size LED lights bar with alarm light, washing tank, LED –working lights, strobe lights, lights inside toolbox, 6 safety chains, spare tire carriers, toolbox etc.


As with all CSCTRUCK Tow Trucks, customization is the order of the day and we'll build your carrier the way you want it. Don't hesitate to inquire, standard and customized carriers are surprisingly inexpensive.