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Landscaping Sprinkler, Sprinkler Technical Requirements and Operational Procedure

Landscaping Sprinkler, Sprinkler Technical Requirements and Operational Procedure

Nov 21, 2019

Landscaping Sprinkler, Sprinkler Technical Requirements and Operational Procedure


Chapter I General Provisions

l  In order to strengthen the technical work of the industry landscape management, landscape management work towards a standardized technology, scientific, legal track, especially the development of this order.

l  The rules of order the green spray vehicles (above referred to spray vehicles) of the technical requirements for the operation and maintenance and other methods.

l  This procedure is applied with a spray sprinklers landscape.

Chapter II Standard terms and references

l  Green spray vehicles: to combat the strains of urban street trees, landscape and garden irrigation, plant pests and can double as road-based sprinkler and irrigation, environmental dust disinfection functions of the vehicle.

l  Atomization: The liquid droplets dispersed into the process.

l  Backwater stirring: the use of backwater from the agitator and pump function.

l  Constant Spray: When using thick fog spray (droplet diameter greater than 400 microns) is a constant spray.

l  Low Volume Sprayer: The fine mist spray (for droplet diameter between 100-400 microns) for low volume spray.

l  Liquid coverage rate: the spray target, the liquid covering a total area of the actual target percentage of the total area.

l  Common Working Pressure: Use the instructions on the recommended pressure of the normal continuous use.

l  Injection pressure: flow injection pressure of the outlet parts.

l  Reference Standards: reference to this standard GB6959-86 plant protection provisions part of the terminology in the terminology.

l  The People's Republic of urban construction of criterion-referenced standards for green spray vehicles CJ/TXXXX-199X industry in the relevant regulations.

Chapter III Technical requirements

Spraying trucks or other special shape chassis, chassis modifications, size, load, center of gravity and vehicle braking, steering and so should meet the relevant standards.

All parts of the installation should be correct, complete, reliable connection, reliable, quality should meet JG/T5011.11-92 assembly of construction machinery and equipment conditions of the General Assembly.

Shell should be smooth, its edges may not have obvious wrinkles, cover installation should be firm, reliable, and not skewed.

Spray vehicles traveling under the pressure of work in the common work, the operators ear noise: fluid spray vehicles not more than 87dB (A); wind sent hydraulic spray vehicles not more than 90dB (A).

Spraying effects: the required conditions, the trees of different plant protection spraying, the flow ends can form a mist, spray liquid fluid is greater than 50% coverage, the wind sent hydraulic liquid spray coverage of more than 60%.

Sprinkler effect: in the concrete or asphalt pavement work on the sprinkler when the sprinkler is allowed within the width of a uniform humidity.

Flushing effect: in the concrete or asphalt to wash operations, should be able to deposit material on the road in general, if the leather, paper, leaves and so rushed to wash nozzle from 4-6 m at the far distance.

Drug pump flow corrosion resistance due to face the media. Drug pump outlet pressure shall not be less than the rated outlet pressure. Twice the maximum pressure in the hydraulic pressure test under 30 seconds, there should be no abnormal phenomenon.

Should be able to crawl jet components of 1.5 times the maximum pressure, the sealing performance test within 30 seconds does not allow leakage occurred. Jet components should be fitted with stop devices (valves). Stop when the leak is not allowed.

Spray hose should be able to withstand 2 times the maximum pressure. 30 seconds, sealing pressure test, should not be broken, peeling and local muster phenomenon.

Sprayers agitator to maintain uniform solution concentration should enable the state, solution concentration should be less than the coefficient of variation (ie less than) 25%. Work in the spraying device to stop the car for the case of liquid, mixer for mixing should be also able to maintain operations.

Match the power take off should be reasonable, reliable connection, reliable seal, Guadang flexible and not automatically blocked or stuck off.

Fan: breeze fan hydraulic spray vehicles should have sufficient static pressure and dynamic pressure as large as possible. Fan impeller and other major moving parts, the need for balance correction.

Spraying the car control device should meet the QC/T29114-93 sprinkler vehicle technology, the relevant provisions. Dust with active-suppression sprinkler vehicle disinfection device, while maintaining a high work rate and the jet case, under the structure to allow rotation in the range of 360 or 45 deg; up and down freely adjusted.

Water jet nozzle spraying vehicles shall comply with GB5135-85 sprinkler system performance requirements and test methods in the relevant regulations.

Chapter IV Operations

Use the technical performance of the spray vehicles should meet the technical requirements of the three relevant provisions. Performance below standard should be restored and transformation. So that all parts, components, assembly requirements are complied with can be put into practical work.

Fuel, lubricating oil and tire pressure shall comply with the technical conditions.

Instructions required by the machine to operate, to the responsibility of both ability and integrity with the operators of operation.

The proportion of liquid required canned liquid tank or water, for spraying, pest control, disinfection or sprinkler operation, machine hand wear should be consistent with the labor to maintain anti-virus and other regulatory requirements and noise reduction conditions to ensure that the work machine hand (operators) of the physical and mental health.

Canned liquid to moderate, with the number of how much. Have a mix of solid or liquid dilution. Spraying, the end of the day, the net should be put liquid, and washing bottles of medicine, in order to avoid corrosion of the tank liquid.

Operator operations must strictly abide by the rules, not against the rule.

Fault found in the work, should immediately stop inspection and repair. Not allowed to work with fault.

Face burned as engine, frame arm fracture, endanger or cause other serious personal injury, it is important assembly or serious damage to major components of a fatal failure, must immediately stop working. Parking spot, waiting for the leadership and the staff deal with the aftermath.

When a major performance degradation, energy consumption increased, the drive shaft is damaged, engine emissions exceeded, serious leakage, and poor mixing performance or general failure of the more serious, the operator shall promptly make a simple repair, troubleshooting can continue after liquid short-term work to bottles of medicine work object was temporarily depleted or paragraph. Not completely repaired, continue to re-use is strictly prohibited.

Clutch change due to incomplete separation of stroke, mild permeability seepage, loose bolts and other mild problems. The sacrifice is a slight influence on the function and quality of the machine, do not have to stop to replace or repair parts. The operator in a short time with random tools (usually not more than 20 minutes) can be ruled out, allowing work to continue after exclusion.

Chapter V Maintenance and Repair

Provided by product manufacturers instructions provided with the right machine maintenance.

When maintenance, spraying pumps and sprinkler pump water for a long time non-idling, idling for longer-term, should inject a small amount of water in the pump.

Cold winter in northern areas after each use, should be put to make residue in the liquid pump and piping to prevent freezing parts.

When maintenance troubleshooting Table 4:

When the sprinkler system, pneumatic control gas leakage occurred, and could not immediately removed, it can take the car out of the brass cylinder joint rotation, in order to cut off the gas control system. Tightened with a wire blocking the corresponding holes on the cylinder, so as not to affect the vehicle brake system work properly.

After the spraying vehicle maintenance, and its basic performance should conform to the requirements of Table 5.

Chapter VI Store

Long-term disabled, fuel and water and other liquids should be exhausted.

Machine to park in the ventilation, moisture, sun protection and a place for fire-fighting facilities.

When more than month after the use of parking II, before use, the instructions should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of inspection, maintenance and service.

Appendix A: spray sprinklers Manual 123.

A.1 Northern winter, after each use pumps and pipes should be loose screw in the drain, exhausted residual liquid, to prevent cracking of the parts.

B.2 Diaphragm air chamber pressure is applied when less than the required value of the pneumatic cylinder.

B.3 Watering, spraying is not the same time.

B.4 Preparation of pesticides should follow the safe use of pesticides regulations.