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Learn to Save Oil Consumption for Your Trailers

Learn to Save Oil Consumption for Your Trailers

Dec 16, 2019

Now oil prices are increase on the way, container semi-trailer semi-trailer's fuel consumption so much high again, how to fuel-efficient in order to reduce expenses? Here's for you on what container semi-trailer, warehouse bar semi-trailer semi-trailer's fuel-efficient coup, etc., in order to help you reduce fuel consumption spending.

Learn to Save Oil Consumption for Your Trailers 2

First, good driving habits. Start a smooth, slow acceleration, CSC semitrailer to reduce fuel consumption and reduction in braking of these pairs have a great effect. Start time must be smooth, not too fast and speed up the time to have a process, not the rapid acceleration, and in some sections such as bending to slow down the speed of travel in order to reduce the number of braking, through which there are some details to reduce the container semi-trailer, low flat semi-trailer's fuel consumption.

Second, the reduction of vehicle weight-bearing. Container semi-trailer, low flat semi-trailer load are large, and many semi-trailer was overloaded operation, which increases fuel consumption have an impact, and many car owners are also semi-trailer as a warehouse, so that load on the further increase. Therefore, we must ensure that the amount of semi-trailer traveling in accordance with the approved loading.

Learn to Save Oil Consumption for Your Trailers 3

Third, to master driving skills. The long-term traffic will summarize some tips to reduce fuel consumption, such as the appropriate tire pressure, tire tread area to reduce the frontal area, etc., these are some basic tips. There is a moving process, to depart from the vehicle in front of the fourth track, observe the front of the traffic situation in a timely manner; in some distance before the start to accelerate uphill, uphill through inertia, which are also a number of provinces in motion the process of oil, some skills, we can summarize the process of driving.

These are some of the old drivers, summed up some of the fuel-efficient coup, after the experiment has also been verified, we can test it. In fact, talking about container semi-trailer's fuel-efficient coup, mainly to ensure a good driving habits and skills, as well as the work of a number of components, roles and requirements for timely knowledge of, such as container semi-trailer vehicles such as the role of lubricants, van semi-trailer semi-trailer and other performance requirements for lubricants and so on, so it can be a very good response to rising oil prices now to reduce spending funds.