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Main Varieties of Special Purpose Vehicle

Main Varieties of Special Purpose Vehicle

Dec 02, 2019

The main varieties of special purpose vehicles

ISO3833: road vehicle type definitions of terms:

transport personnel and baggage, not more than 9 passenger / commercial vehicles: for the carriage of persons, goods and traction to pull carts. Private car is in a class of commercial vehicles, special purpose vehicles special purpose vehicle that are installed with special equipment, with special features for special transport tasks or undertake special operations and other special purpose vehicles.

1.       Van truck,

2.       Tank truck

3.       Dump truck  

4.       Crane lift truck

5.       Warehouse cargo truck

and the special structure of

6.       Special construction vehicle Specifically as follows:

l  Structure of a closed compartment of the Special Purpose Truck can be independent, but also with the cab together as one. Such as: ambulances, armored cars, refrigerated trucks, postal vehicles, television and other vehicles.

l  Fitted with a tank container, such as: oil trucks, fuel trucks, chemical liquid trucks and other vehicles of powder.

l  Equipped with a hydraulic lifting mechanism, able to remove or cause trunk or tank car (tank) to a certain tilt angle, so that unloading of goods by weight or rely on their own to push the level of discharge. Such as dump trucks, loading and unloading from the car trunk, arm type garbage truck.

l  Device with lifting equipment or lifting operations units, including truck crane, lorry crane truck, truck, climb fire engines and so on.

l  Fence with a package structure cage compartment. Such as: bulk grain carrier, bee-keeping vehicles and animal transport vehicles.

l  Frame-shaped structure with a wood line, flat structure, and other special structures. To undertake special operations, such as vehicles, truck, wrecker truck, container truck, rig trucks, airport passenger elevator cars.