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Maintenance of Fire Foam Truck

Maintenance of Fire Foam Truck

Nov 21, 2019

Maintenance of Fire Foam Truck

Firefighting foam truck as the main battle fire vehicles, maintenance areas must follow the national standard GB7956-1998 or the industry standard requirements GA39.5-92 implementation. With foam running the actual situation in the course of care and maintenance is very important to do. In the daily maintenance, in addition to conventional automobile engine, chassis and other parts for maintenance, the need to do the following maintenance work.

1. foam wash after operation

In order to ensure the work of the fire pump can be reliably, each with foam or salt water, rinse the fire pumps, drinking water pump, foam proportioner is a very important process: the export of water treatment on both sides of the fire pump connected to suction outside the bubble Connected into the water in; to run the pump lead Sheung Shui, the use of low-voltage operation, open the foam operated valves; open the pump outlet, adjust the speed, the maximum pump pressure to 0.5MPa; completed before, after washing, adjust the pump speed to Outlet pressure is lower than 0.2MPa, water pump switch open until the water flow in the exhaust pipe.

2. Other Notes on maintenance

Fire engines, the parts on a regular basis is important for maintenance, are: to ensure that fire engines have enough fuel, lubricating oil, cooling water, gas supply, power supply. And regularly replaced; always check the circuit, oil and fire system is normal, a variety of instruments, lights, switches, lighting is intact; tank, foam tank filled with water at the standard quantitative and foam liquid; on a regular basis (every two days ) test checks the engine, take power and transmission system, a vacuum test daily to ensure that the pump system performance standard; all kinds of valves and lubricate moving parts to regular, periodic inspection of its flexibility; check the cited pumps, gear pumps Boxes, power take off at the oil level is in the calibration position, oil quality meets standards, such as deterioration of the oil should be replaced immediately; vehicles should be cleaned after use, the outer surface or with a clean soft cotton towel dry, and then on Car wax, to ensure that the vehicle looks shiny, and should maintain the pumping station, the equipment inside the clean, neatly placed on equipment to keep the garage clean, dry, cold season, the temperature inside the garage of not less than 10 degrees Celsius.