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Maintenance of High-pressure Cleaning Truck

Maintenance of High-pressure Cleaning Truck

Nov 27, 2019

Maintenance of High-pressure Cleaning Truck

CSCTRUCK production of high-pressure cleaning truck because the price is reasonable, easy to use, subject to favorable for Vietnamese customers in April this year, CSC TRUCK directly under the orders of 8 high-pressure cleaning vehicles, at present, the vehicle ready to go.

Using high-pressure cleaning truck, the need for high pressure cleaning car piston pump, filter, take power and other consumables in the course of regular inspection and maintenance. Major maintenance projects and maintenance is divided into monthly maintenance projects each year.

1. Check the seal before operation, whether the junction leakage, oil leakage phenomenon, or replacement of seals;

2. Inspected once every six months the dirt filter tank, promptly clean up the dirt on the filter clean and tidy. Hydraulic oil tank for the initial month, the second 3 months later once a year.

3. In the choice of hydraulic oil when the choice should be based on different models of the different seasons of hydraulic oil, use of N32 numbers in winter and summer when the use of N46 numbers.

Truck is a high risk due to high pressure cleaning vehicles in operation when the drain, it should be noted that some of the details, operation, the operator shall not leave the operating counter to the timely processing of the unexpected event of an accident. Operations, first with the Rotary nozzle into a tube to the pipeline, and then open three valves, and other personnel shall not close to the nozzle, so as not to hurt. Water, car washing, cleaning the wall Do not use with high pressure. Use clean water, sewage not only shorten the life of the car, the effect will be on the use of the car has a great influence.

CSCTRUCK sold high-pressure washing of cars and other vehicles are provided sanitation for half a year after-sales service, if the failure of high pressure cleaning vehicles, please contact the CSCTRUCK service department.