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Mercedes-Benz Truck Localization FOTON

Mercedes-Benz Truck Localization FOTON

Jul 06, 2020

Since the liberalization of foreign shareholding ratios, major imported cars have become more and more fast for the localization process. In addition, the Chinese heavy truck market continues to be high-end, intelligent, and electrified, and the opportunities for imported cars are also increasing. Too. Among the currently clear plans for implementation, there are direct OEMs, and there is also a preference for building factories with sole proprietorship. What kind of model is better?


FOTON DAIMLER China Brands According to MERCEDES-BENZ Standards

Among the major imported cars, the earliest determined that the domestic production should be Mercedes-Benz. According to relevant sources, the Mercedes-Benz truck produced by Foton Daimler (hereinafter referred to as Foton) will be put on the market in 2022. This means that in 2022, the localization of Mercedes-Benz trucks officially landed, and domestic users can buy Mercedes-Benz trucks manufactured (assembled) in China.

Mercedes-Benz Truck Localization FOTON 1

In addition, it is understood that although the localization of Mercedes-Benz trucks is done by Foton, the brand is still Mercedes-Benz. Simply put, Foton is just the same function as a production base of Mercedes-Benz trucks in China. Both imported and domestic Mercedes-Benz trucks use the Mercedes-Benz brand, which has little to do with the Foton brand.

Mercedes-Benz Truck Localization FOTON 2

At the same time, Foton's production of Mercedes-Benz trucks will also be based on the unified standard requirements of Mercedes-Benz trucks. The core parts may be imported directly, and some accessories may be purchased domestically, and the procurement standards are also based on Mercedes-Benz trucks to select suppliers. Simply put, even Mercedes-Benz trucks produced by Foton will have the quality of imported Mercedes-Benz trucks.

Mercedes-Benz Truck Localization FOTON 3

However, everyone is also worried about this model. The biggest hidden danger is assembly. After all, the cooperation between Mercedes-Benz cars and BAIC has caused many small problems because of assembly problems, and finally even affected the brand image. But this model is also the simplest, the easiest to land, and the lowest cost.


SCANIA: Sole Proprietorship To Build A Factory, Completely Independent Operation

Mercedes-Benz Truck Localization FOTON 4

Unlike Mercedes-Benz, Scania's localization is based on a purely independent operation. Both Scania builds a wholly-owned plant in China, and then Scania operates independently. In other words, if Scania is localized, then this Chinese factory belongs to Scania's new factory worldwide, and the trucks produced will be unified with the factories in other regions.

Recently, there have been reports of Scania establishing a group company in China, which means that Scania has attached a high degree of importance to China, which is the highest level of all imported trucks. And the person in charge of the group company is in He Mochi, known as China Connect.

Mercedes-Benz Truck Localization FOTON 5

If the news is true, the construction of Scania's factory in China will soon come to an end. At that time, domestic users will be able to buy the original "king of roads" made in China. Scania has also publicly stated on many occasions that the establishment of Scania's factory in China is definitely a sole proprietorship, and the premise of building a factory is that the sales volume in China will reach a certain amount.

Mercedes-Benz Truck Localization FOTON 6

Compared with the model of Foton for Mercedes-Benz, Scania’s independent operation model is obviously more reliable, and quality control and the like will be better, but at the same time, the cost will be higher, or it will affect the final sales. price.


VOLVO, MANN, IVECO: Independent Factory Has Not Yet Been Announced, But The Technology Has Been Applied In China

Mercedes-Benz Truck Localization FOTON 7

Compared with Mercedes-Benz and Scania, Volvo, Mann, and Iveco seem to have less news of building factories in China. Some time ago, it was rumored that Volvo was considering the acquisition of domestic OEMs to achieve localization, but then it was deny. Volvo, Mann and Iveco currently have technical cooperation with domestic trucks.

Mercedes-Benz Truck Localization FOTON 8

Volvo and Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles have cooperated. In terms of engines and gearboxes, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles has already digested some of Volvo's technologies and turned them into their own. At the same time, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles also learned from Volvo trucks in R&D, management and other related aspects to help Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles become bigger and stronger.

Mercedes-Benz Truck Localization FOTON 9

Mann is directly engaged in deep cooperation with SINOTRUK, including trading technology for the market, and Mann exports a full set of truck technical solutions to SINOTRUK. At present, the MC series engines currently in use by SINOTRUK, MAN axles, MAN frame and so on are all MAN's technologies. It can be said that MAN is one of the most technologically advanced automobile companies among imported vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Truck Localization FOTON 10

Iveco and Man are somewhat similar. At present, part of SAIC Hongyan's technology also comes from Iveco, but because the cooperation between the two parties is getting less and less, and Iveco has not had much technical updates in recent years, resulting in SAIC Red Iveco technology used by Yan was many years ago. And because of IVECO's domestic sales, IVECO's heavy trucks have basically stopped selling in China since the fifth stage of the country.




Judging from the current trend of several imported trucks, only the localization of Mercedes-Benz and Scania is the most reliable, and the two car companies are still two completely different models, each with advantages and disadvantages. However, judging from the news obtained by many parties, whether it is cooperation or sole proprietorship, it is a completely independent brand operation, and it does not want to smash the signboard because of localization. For several localization models, do card friends think that it is more suitable for the actual situation in our country?