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Mobile Fuel Truck Tankers Safety Operation

Mobile Fuel Truck Tankers Safety Operation

Apr 30, 2020

1. Mobile refueling trucks shall be dedicated storage sheds, sheds away from the fire source, and set a clear ban on signs and firefighting equipment.

2. Mobile fuel tank truck driven on the road in order to maintain safe speed, pay attention to avoidance of other vehicles, choose the route as far as possible to avoid a construction site fire operations. When oil is transported during the rainy season, we should stay away from high-voltage lines, transformers and other electrical equipment prone to spark.

3. Make a special season security. Summer should take protective measures, should always check the high-pressure valves and safety protection valve to ensure the effective use of. Winter pipeline road, valves occurred solidification, frozen, thawed prohibit the use of fire baking.

4. After fuel tanker truck completed, the driver need to check valves, interface, to avoid the run, take, dripping, and drain. Diesel transfer fuel truck should be locked and do public security.

5. fuel tank lorry specifically responsible for the implementation of the system, without permission will be allowed to use fuel truck cans and so on.

6. Mobile refueling vehicle refueling staff to go through specialized training, there are certain fire safety knowledge, strong sense of responsibility, good work ethic. Seriously implement the one-day three-location system, with its clean vehicle capacity, condition good.

7. Refueling ago, in addition to routine inspection regulations require doing a good job, but also the interface to the storage tanks, valves, pressure protection valves, pipelines, refueling gun parts to inspect, verify each part of the normal and effective before they can start the operation.

8. Refueling, they should always pay attention pressurized pump working pressure should not exceed rated pressure, avoid over-pressure caused by mobile tanker truck crash development pipeline of Health to run oil leakage.

9. Refueling in the refueling operation members should not smoke, and smoking from approaching tanks. Tanker truck, tank around 5 meters away from open flame is prohibited.

10. Refueling staff on a regular basis (quarterly) on the tank's inlet, the oil ports, oil cut-off gate, high-pressure protection valve, fuel trailer, aluminum fuel tank pressure pumps and other parts to carry out safety checks, and inspection results are reported in the Check Records in.

11. In the mobile refueling vehicle operation during the event of diesel oil leakage should immediately check the leak site, for emergency treatment. At the same time, clean up a spill of diesel fuel, to avoid the fire near the fire. An emergency occurred, the overall response to diesel fuel trucks to inspect, remove hidden dangers, before proceeding with normal operation.