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Nine First-aid Vehicle Fault Analysis

Nine First-aid Vehicle Fault Analysis

Nov 25, 2019

Nine First-aid Vehicle Fault Analysis

For the faulty parts, in terms of permitting, and to ensure reliable emergency vehicle after the repair under the premise should be used repair approach. Such as connecting rod bearings burn, repair welding with solder after the match with a scraper can use the normal scratch repair, which is repair.

Method Two:

Damage caused by a component does not work when driving, cannot affect the car instead of moving parts, or make the best of home-made parts to replace. Such as a belt, fan belt Beibao Dai-made preparation to replace the damaged fan belt and so on.

Method three: Namely, oil spills, air and water leakage by blocking method. If the tank leaks, or fill with epoxy adhesive applied; can perforated cork block, if necessary, tied with wire or rope firmly.

Method four:

Is to increase the added method. Part in the loss of mechanical damage, or with too much space, you can consider increasing the supplementary part of the other parts, repair the emergency, such as pipe breakage law but her husband stopped, you can cut out the damaged part, hoses, etc. both ends of the tubing set to turn.

Method five:

Is wrapped or tied method. When the need for secure and fault recovery processing, consider using a rope, wire, sticks and other patching banding. Such as broken steering tie rod, the stick can be tied with wire, after patching, then maintained with tight ends.

Method six:

Will damage the circuit or gas off. Grounding wire as discharged somewhere, and at another difficult to exclude, it can be suspended FireWire power, only the implementation of power supply to the ignition system first aid; Another example is the double-pipe air brake system, brake system leak and affect the work When this gas can be disconnected and another gas to ensure effective braking, etc., are breaking criminal emergency.

Method VII:

Generally in terms of the circuit components, such as a circuit component is damaged, we can not repair nor the components can be changed, in permitting, to short-circuit phase, is the short circuit. If the ignition coil thermistor is damaged, it can short circuit, the engine of the political parties to ensure that work.

Methods Eight:

The damaged parts, without affecting the running of the premise removed. Such as generators damaged, it can be removed, to adjust the path between the power supply cut off, only the battery power to the ignition system. Another example is split off valve, the cylinder valve can adjust the screws removed, to keep the valve closed, the equivalent of a tank less work.

Method Nine:

Is for spare parts, the car as much as possible to take some spare parts for emergency replacement. While this method is simple, but after all, is limited, so the above eight kinds of friends who is drivers driving the process practical and simple emergency treatment of basic methods.