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Normal use of the spark plug is not hidden

Normal use of the spark plug is not hidden

Nov 27, 2019

Normal use of the spark plug is not hidden

Chinese doctor pay attention to look, smell, and asked, cut through a number of surface phenomena to diagnose the disease. In fact, the health status of the car can also be a number of surface phenomena to diagnose, for example, engine ignition parts - spark plugs. When the engine is working, the temperature of the spark plug insulator skirt will be maintained at 500-600.

If the temperature. Too low, easy-on-insulator deposition, causing the phenomenon of leakage arising from lack of fire; if the temperature is too high as to cause early ignition and knock. So the work through the spark plug is good or bad working conditions of the engine can understand the pros and cons. Service life of spark usually 15000km, long-lasting spark plug service life of 30000km. So when the spark plug to use is not normal, reflecting the problems are not the same.

(A) Spark plugs serious erosion. Scar from the top spark plugs, damage or electrode melting, ablation.

(1) Melting the electrode and the insulator is white. Show that the combustion chamber temperature is too high. This may be too much coke combustion chamber, so that valve clearance is too small, etc., causing the exhaust valve overheating or cooling of work bad, it could be spark plugs, etc. according to the specified tightening torque.

(2) Rounded electrodes and insulator Results have scars. Show that as early as fuel engine, the ignition time may be too early or used. Grade of gasoline is too low, the reasons for the spark plug heat value is too high.

(3) Cracked the top insulator. Detonation is the main reason for the breakdown of an insulator. The premature ignition timing, lower grade of gasoline. , The combustion chamber temperature is too high, may lead to engine knocking.

(4) Insulator to the top with gray and black stripes. The Stripes have been leaking spark plug should be replaced with new parts.

(B) Of the spark plug with sediments. The top of spark plug insulator and electrode deposits are sometimes stuck.

(1) Oil deposits. Spark plug has oil deposits, indicating that the lubricating oil into the combustion chamber. If only the individual spark plugs, valve stem seals may be damaged. If you are stuck on the spark plug of each cylinder such sediments, indicating that the cylinder channeling oil, check air filter and ventilation is blocked.

(2) Black sediments. Spark plug and the internal black sediment, indicating that the mixture too thick, you can increase the engine operating speed, and continued every minute, you can burn to stay in a layer of black soot on the electrode layer.