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Operation Manual of Aerial Bucket Vehicles

Operation Manual of Aerial Bucket Vehicles

Nov 01, 2019

Operation Manual of Aerial Bucket Vehicles


Manned aerial platform vehicles with bucket truck hydraulic transmission, contemporary and advanced species machinery and equipment. Construction workers off work with the bucket truck as long as the proper use, safe and guaranteed.

Defective or safety measures are not implemented, it is a very dangerous Statutes of the main aerial vehicles, and material to develop the following code of conduct. The aerial-lift driver must hold a bucket truck driving license. The auxiliary gearbox must be out of the hydraulic pump. Attention to bridges, tunnels headroom. The speed is generally not more than 30 km / h, the suburbs more than 40 km / h. Stranded personnel operating within the bucket truck (platform) declined.

Parking location choice is a solid ground vehicle tilt is not greater than 3, and turn on the warning flash. telescopic platform operating height and wind; suitable height of 10 meters below the operating wind for 6 and below; wind 5 can be suitable for a high degree of 11 to 20 meters below the job; wind 4 and under appropriate height of 21 ~ 30 m operations.

Start pumps, telescopic platform clutch depressed, pull the hand brake, transmission in neutral, pulled the clutch lever of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic pump in working condition. The hydraulic pump is running 2 to 5 minutes before manipulation of the handle of each movement. The operation of the aerial bucket vehicles, training and holders of operating licenses for employment personnel responsible for. The operator to concentrate, to prevent misuse and strict temperance job.


First put down the outrigger, outrigger palm decentralization in the pad, to ensure that the vehicles at the state level. Aerial platform vehicles to have a smooth operating handle, do not rapidly rapid, so as not to cause the operating arm inertia swing large and accidents. In strict accordance with the technical parameters and the operating range of equipment specified in the job.

Aerial vehicles (platform) on staff to wear seatbelts</strong>. Lifting operation bucket (platform), so that the upper and lower arm, alternating movements, to ensure that the operating bucket (platform) is in the best increases in radius of the state, the operating arm for other purposes is strictly prohibited. Operation, the operator should pay attention to the safe distance of the bucket (platform) truck , the arm with high and low voltage wires, telephone lines and buildings, trees, billboards, lighting and other things. When the value of the driver is responsible for the ground and pay attention to the security of the traffic has work.

Operating height of 25 meters or more vehicles,</strong> the addition to set up safety signs and fence, the guardian of the ground in addition to the bucket truck driver, but also to set up 1-2 people dedicated to intensive care. Aerial vehicles during the operation, the hydraulic system has a different sound or sudden leak oil, they should stop work until the inspection or repair before they are allowed to continue working.

The bucket truck hydraulic system fails, the operating arm can not move,</strong> you should try to make the job bucket truck (platform) on the safe evacuation of staff and inform the professional maintenance staff. Operation is completed, operating bucket truck (platform), the operating arm reset, the away leg, and disengage the hydraulic pump, release the hand brake before starting driving. Aerial vehicles operating bucket (platform), the operating arm and leg should be reflective safety signs.

Aerial bucket vehicles should be equipped with a triangle (tire) 4 skids, 2 and outrigger skid. The bucket truck should be the sign of the device level.