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Pay attention to the new concrete mixer truck

Pay attention to the new concrete mixer truck

Nov 11, 2019

Pay attention to the new concrete mixer truck

CSCTRUCK is specialized in producing concrete mixer manufacturer, off the assembly line each year concrete mixer truck Steyr, Steyr concrete mixer truck, concrete mixer truck Dongfeng Hercules, Dongfeng concrete mixing Truck, Dongfeng double bridge after the concrete mixer, concrete mixer truck Dongfeng 140 tip, heavy truck HOWO concrete mixer truck, concrete mixer truck Prince, after the double bridge concrete mixer truck Auman, Shaanxi Automobile Delong Variety of concrete mixer truck. CSCTRUCK mixer head and numerous clients through the process of communication that buy new concrete mixer, we should pay attention to several issues. Concrete mixer to buy some new attention to matters: concrete mixers usually requires two drivers, because the site has to live day and night, so you need an old driver and partner, must not fatigue driving.

2, In the use of concrete mixer truck in addition to the request in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and maintenance schedule, the normal operation of the site workers should be given to explain the use of measures to prevent them from parts of operational errors caused damage to the mixer.

3, The usual problems and more contact us within the warranty period (normal for six months) I do not repair the vehicle, the case of the problem to make a qualified Maintenance staff over the handling, not to prevent future trouble.

4, Special attention is the common ground both inside and outside the tank rinsed concrete mixer, avoid sticky and adhere to the clean appearance of the tank, the future can be better price when selling cars changed hands.

If you encounter any problems in the use of or questions, please contact our after-sales service hotline, we will do our best to serve you.