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Product characteristics of tank semi-trailer

Product characteristics of tank semi-trailer

Jun 21, 2019

Tank semi-trailers are still common on our usual roads. Many items require his help to transport them to their destinations well. Therefore, the demand for tank semi-trailers is relatively stable in the current market. Let us introduce some of the features of the tank semi-trailer.

The tank-type semi-trailer has a tank structure and is mainly used for transporting liquids, bulk materials and bulk cement. According to different goods, the tank truck series can be divided into concrete mixer trucks, tank trucks, powder materials, bulk cement trucks, water trucks, etc., with many types.

Secondly, the tanks of semi-trailers are generally manufactured through three-dimensional design and advanced processing technology. The chassis of the semi-trailer is a special chassis, which is not only advanced in technology but also reliable in performance. Compared with other types of semi-trailers, the tank semi-trailer has a larger difference in appearance. It is also very different from other semi-trailers in terms of shipping goods, so it requires special personnel to operate.