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Proper Understanding of Wheelbase Track

Proper Understanding of Wheelbase Track

Oct 06, 2020

(1) wheelbase

Is to describe the distance between the vehicle axis and axis parameters, usually through the center front and rear wheel to measure. Direct impact on the length of the wheelbase vehicle length, weight, and many performance. As noted in a shorter shaft, car length on the shorter, lighter weight, the minimum turning diameter and vertical by a small angle to, but if the wheelbase is too short, will bring a series of drawbacks: such as lack of car length or rear overhang is too long, car driving large vertical pendulum and yaw; in braking or uphill, the larger the weight transfer, so that vehicle handling and stability worse.

(2) Tread

Refer to the same ground point the wheel axis distance between the centers of twin car, it refers to the connection of two twins take place among the distance between the points. Track the total width of the car, the total weight, lateral stability and maneuverability of larger. Tread larger, the better lateral stability, to increase the inside width of car is also beneficial. However, wide track, the cars total weight of the total width and generally increased, and prone to mud thrown to the side of the shortcomings of the body. In addition, the track too broad and will also affect the car's safety, therefore, tread width should be compatible with the body.